Bad News For Ukraine

I appears that the war in Ukraine is not going well these days……and our country seems to care less…..keep in mind that Ukraine is getting about $100 million a day from the US….we should care and care a lot.

As I stated the news is mostly bad…..

Ukraine is reporting that Russia is using WMDs……

Ukrainian and British officials warned Saturday that Russian forces are relying on weapons able to cause mass casualties as they try to make headway in capturing eastern Ukraine and fierce, prolonged fighting depletes resources on both sides. Russian bombers have likely been launching heavy 1960s-era anti-ship missiles in Ukraine, the UK Defense Ministry said, per the AP. The Kh-22 missiles were primarily designed to destroy aircraft carriers using a nuclear warhead. When used in ground attacks with conventional warheads, they “are highly inaccurate and therefore can cause severe collateral damage and casualties,” the ministry said.

Both sides have expended large amounts of weaponry in what has become a grinding war of attrition for the eastern region of coal mines and factories known as the Donbas, placing huge strains on their resources and stockpiles. Russia is likely using the 6.1-ton anti-ship missiles because it’s running short of more precise modern missiles, the British ministry said. It gave no details of where exactly such missiles are thought to have been deployed.

Ukraine is steadily losing territory….not looking good at all….

Russian forces trying to encircle Sievierodonetsk could be just days from cutting the city off, Ukrainian officials said Sunday. The government has reinforced troops trying to hold onto the last major urban center in the Luhansk region it still controls, the New York Times reports. Capturing the industrial city is a major goal of Russia’s military. “The situation in Sievierodonetsk is extremely difficult,” Serhiy Haidai, the regional governor, said on Telegram, adding, “The next two or three days will be significant.” A senior US defense agreed that Russia is likely to have all of Luhansk soon, per the Washington Post.

The fight in Severodonetsk: A chemical plant where hundreds of troops and civilians are sheltering is being bombarded by Russian forces, per the Post. Haidai said the shelling caused a huge fire, per the BBC. They knocked out a second bridge to the city and are shelling another one to cut off the inflow of supplies and people, the governor said. The mayor said Ukrainian troops control just one-third of Sievierodonetsk.
The twin city: Like Sievierodonetsk, Lysychansk’s ability to hang on depends on getting supplies, including ammunition and equipment to replace what’s destroyed in the fighting, into the city. Thousands of troops already are there, per the Times. “If the help will come, it won’t be occupied,” said a military police officer in Lysychansk. “If there is no help with military equipment, of course they will drive us out.”
Missile strike in the west: Four Russian missiles fired from the Black Sea struck Chortkiv, injuring 22 people, local officials said. One hit a pipeline, prompting the shutoff of the city’s gas supply. The Russian Defense Ministry said its strike destroyed a warehouse in which Ukraine was keeping antitank and antimissile systems from the US and UK. Ukrainian officials did not comment on the Russian claim.
President’s assessment: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed pride in his nightly video talk over the way his country’s forces have fought in the east. “Remember how in Russia, in the beginning of May, they hoped to seize all of the Donbas?” Zelensky said late Saturday, per the AP. “It’s already the 108th day of the war, already June. Donbas is holding on.” He said Russia has had three times the number of military casualties that Ukraine has, saying: “For what? What did it get you, Russia?”

Ukraine is losing troops at an alarming rate…..

Mykhaylo Podolyak, a senior advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said Thursday that Ukraine is losing between 100 and 200 troops in the fighting against Russia each day.

The estimate is higher than the one offered by Zelensky last week, who said Ukraine was losing between 60 and 100 troops each day. Until last week, Kyiv had not been offering casualty rates, but now it seems Ukrainian officials are sharing their battlefield losses to get more arms from the West.

“The Russian forces have thrown pretty much everything non-nuclear at the front and that includes heavy artillery, multiple rocket launch systems and aviation,” Podolyak told BBC.

Podolyak said that Ukraine needs more of the rocket systems the US and Britain are starting to send, which can hit targets up to 50 miles away, more than twice the range of the M777 Howitzers the US has been providing Kyiv.


They will always need more and more….and the American taxpayer will be on the hook….I say screw Ukraine that cash is needed here and badly.

This report illustrates why the news is the PR from Ukraine…..

As the war in Ukraine drags on, Ukrainian officials fear that Kyiv might lose some Western support due to “war fatigue,” The Associated Press reported on Friday.

The US and its allies have committed billions of dollars in weapons, but some Western European leaders have been calling for a negotiated solution to end the fighting, an idea Ukrainian officials have rejected.

“The fatigue is growing, people want some kind of outcome [that is beneficial] for themselves, and we want [another] outcome for ourselves,” Zelensky said.

The current situation on the battlefield is not looking good for Ukraine. An advisor to Zelensky said Thursday that they are losing between 100 and 200 troops each day as Russia continues to make slow but steady gains in the east.

Zelensky has made clear that his goal is to drive Russia out of the territory it has captured since February 24, which would require a massive military offensive.

While there is some sentiment among European leaders for Ukraine to make concessions to Russia to achieve peace, top US and NATO officials are encouraging Ukraine to keep fighting.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said last week that Ukraine shouldn’t drop the goal of driving Russia out of all of its territory, including Crimea, which Russia has controlled since 2014. Stoltenberg also said last week that the Western military alliance should be prepared to support Ukraine for the “long haul.”


Is any of this true?

Or is this just another ploy to gain more funds and equipment from the US?

All this is now smelling of deception to me.

But not to worry…..Ukraine will continue to rake in cash……

The head of the Ukrainian parliament’s financial committee said Tuesday that Ukraine needs $5 billion in external financial assistance or it will be facing sharp budget cuts.

“We have to borrow $5 billion monthly. If we do not get it, we will have to cut spending,” Danylo Hetmantsev said, according to Reuters.

Hetmantsev said the Ukrainian government’s revenues cover less than half of its expenses due to the war. He said the government spent about 250 billion hryvnias ($8.46 billion) in May to finance the military and help people displaced by the fighting but only collected 101 billion hryvnias ($3.42 billion) in taxes.

The US and the EU have provided Ukraine with financial assistance through direct aid and loans, but it is far below the $5 billion each month that Hetmantsev said Kyiv needs. According to Ukraine’s Finance Ministry, the country received $5.12 billion in financial assistance from foreign countries between January and May.

So far, the US has authorized $54 billion in spending for Ukraine that is meant to last through the 2022 fiscal year, which ends on September 30 for the federal government. The majority will go towards military spending, but the $40 billion bill recently signed into law by President Biden includes $8.8 billion in economic support for Ukraine and other countries impacted by the war.


So US needs to save the Ukrainians from budget cuts but not to help the US budget…..and sadly Ukraine is more important than the people in this country.

If you do not find this pathetic then you are a moron.

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4 thoughts on “Bad News For Ukraine

  1. Yes, bad for everybody! Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are next and then Poland — and then The United States if we can’t keep our noses out of it. Impeach Biden immediately! Pussy Face Putin has already declared his intent to take back all the land once owned by Russia, This does not stop with Ukraine. This stops with the end of civilization.

    1. I do not think Putin will do much other than talk…..the countries you listed all have US troop bases…..not a good idea to attack. chuq

  2. The Russians (by their own admission, and on YT video) are using cluster-bombs against Ukrainian troops and civilian targets. They are also bringing in tanks by train from as far away as their Pacific coast (Vladivostok). Most of these tanks are Soviet-era T-72s, more or less obsolete, and easily knocked out by hand-held weapons.
    I would like to know where all the weaponry we have supposedly sent to Ukraine has gone. If they got everything promised to them by western powers, it seems likely that they would be stopping the Russians more easily in the Donbas.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Good point……I bet some are going into the arsenals of the separatists…..then saved for a rainy day by civilians. chuq

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