Commandos Sans Frontieres

Ever heard of Doctors Without Borders (MSF)?

Good….then you can understand what this post is about…..the US has an organization that knows no borders and we call it…Special Ops.

America’s previously “elite” Special Operations forces — once small, specially trained units in a large military — have now essentially become a military in their own right, all 70,000 of them (larger, in fact, than many national armed forces). And they are more or less everywhere, more or less all the time. They aren’t just “elite” forces anymore; they’re America’s secret military, which, as Turse has shown, is increasingly deployed to something startlingly close to all the countries on the planet (aside from a few obvious ones like Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea). They are raiding and fighting from Syria to Afghanistan, Somalia to Niger. They are training allied special ops types and other forces across the globe. It’s increasingly hard to think of places where they don’t show up, even, for instance, in a rain-soaked cave that recently trapped 12 Thai soccer players and their coach. And here’s the good news: if a bill sponsored by Congressman Richard Hudson, whose North Carolina district includes Fort Bragg (home of U.S. Army Special Operations Command), passes in Congress, the more America’s special operators deploy in combat-like ways to places that the IRS doesn’t consider war zones (but indeed are), the more likely that they and their families will… yep, get a special tax break for their efforts! (War, what is it good for?)

And they aren’t just “operators” anymore. They’re path-breakers in the “science” of war. As they fight terrorists around the globe, for instance, they’re developing “loitering munitions” in their Maritime Precision Engagement program that will act as “suicide drones” (operated from speedboats). Hey, if ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the rest of that crew have their version of suicide drones — humans with explosives strapped to them, not to speak of off-the-shelf drones — why shouldn’t the U.S. military have the technological equivalent? Or what about the “talking paper” for which the special ops group that focuses on “psychological operations” already has a prototype? That paper, somewhat thicker than the usual kind and embedded with micro-circuitry, dropped into the jungles or backlands of the planet, should prove a perfect way to deliver a 30-second recorded message to illiterate enemy troops in some embattled country about how to defect or surrender.


The days of massive divisions may soon be a thing of the past….we have the world covered by small units…the large units seem to be poised for some sort of social upheaval on the mainland…instead of on the international stage.

6 thoughts on “Commandos Sans Frontieres

  1. I think someone at the Pentagon has been playing too many video games. Wars are not won by special units, as we know, but by combined operations of huge army, navy, and air force resources in the filed. Special OPS units are mostly used to kill or kidnap people, and that’s not really war, just a small part of it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. There is something I don’t understand!
    I hardly hear anybody make the following comparison.

    There is a lot to do about Russia and their influence in US politics.
    As if Russia is the only one interfering in domestic affairs of other nations.

    Don’t understand me wrong; it is not right!

    However if I consider the US:
    Invade, or threathning to invade other nations.
    Medling in other nations politics and often endorse dictators as a consequence.
    Secret operations in other nations etc.

    I see it more as the pot calling the kettle black.

    1. I have covered it many times here on In Saner Thought…….But I go back to Guatemala and Iran in the 1950’s…..and yes I agree….what goes around comes around…..nice to see you again….hope all is well….chuq

      1. I know you do! The Russian thing now is just an example. I meant the interference for decades of both nations.

        Thanks for you interest in my wellbeing. Greaving takes time and has its good and bad days.
        Who am I telling that. You must have your fair share of that!

      2. The US has been interfering since the 1950’s….and you would think that we would expect it in return and not get caught with our pants down…LOL chuq

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