Democracy No More

Since the early days of the republic the US has been a beacon for democracy.  We have promoted democracy all across the globe.

The new president and his State Department may be in the mood to change America’s promotion of democracy…….

The days of global democratic movement may be drawing to a close……

In the course of their broad restructuring of the State Department, the Executive Steering Committee has revealed in an internal email that the formal mission statement for both State and USAID is going to be revised, with draft versions being circulated around the office for comment.

While the draft statement still talks up America’s “global advocacy, action, and assistance,” suggesting a very interventionist viewpoint, it remains language from the past version about creating a “just, and democratic world” as being a priority.

Former Reagan-era State Department official Elliott Abrams was very critical of the move, saying that the removal of justice and democracy were the only significant changes, suggesting the US doesn’t want those things anymore.

It might simply suggest those aren’t going to be used as pretexts for future US interventions abroad, however, potentially reflective of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s viewpoint that American values need to take a back seat to national security interests that are often directly contrary to them.


This should not be a surprise for the US has been turning its back on democracy for some time now……we have backed some of the most blood thirsty dictators all in the name of a free market and profit……we have been just pretending for decades.

So now we can come out of the shadows as the real nation we have become.


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