Putin’s Revenge

There is lots of idle chatter these days about Russia and Putin…..did he or didn’t he?

What most Americans do not know is the Putin has been part of the post-Soviet government from the first days…..he was a subordinate to Yeltsin, the popularly elected president of Russia.  He was a KGB operative that wanted to win the Cold War…is he still pursuing that end?

Putin has done more to influence political ideology in Europe and the world than did his predecessors in the USSR…..and it is growing…..

Humiliated by the 1990s, Russia’s strongman is determined to win Cold War 2.0. He may be succeeding.

Twenty years before Vladimir Putin began his ingenious campaign to influence the U.S. presidential election, his predecessor as Russia’s president stood on a dark street near the White House. In his underpants. Looking for a pizza.

It was September 1994, and Boris Yeltsin was in Washington for a state visit with his new friend, President Bill Clinton. The Soviet Union had collapsed just three years earlier, and a relationship was blossoming between the U.S. and Russia, one that held the promise of burying decades of hostility. Russia’s abrupt transition from communist dictatorship was chaotic, but a fragile democratic process and nascent capitalism were taking hold. U.S. officials entertained visions of a Western-friendly Russia as a partner in a stable and secure Europe. To that end, Clinton and Yeltsin had built an alliance on the shared goal of preventing a revanchist security state from taking power in Moscow and returning the U.S. and Russia to a Cold War state of hostility. During one early visit to Moscow, Clinton told a young audience to “choose hope over fear” and “find a new definition of Russia’s greatness.”

Source: Putin’s Revenge – POLITICO Magazine

There is a wealth of opinions on what the actual situation is all about….some think he interfered in the election and others do not see any problem with Russia (something I never thought I would hear another American do….take the side of Russia over their own)…..

But as the song says…”the times they are a changing”……makes me think of the Manchurian Candidate (the original not the piss poor re-make)…if confused then watch the original and you will see what I am going on about.


5 thoughts on “Putin’s Revenge

  1. As usual, there’s a lot about other countries we Americans do not know about given our self-centeredness in the world. Our leaders know enough to deal on the world stage from our intelligence sources, but I am talking about culture, which subsequently translates to a nation’s desires and goals. We spend a huge amount of time on Putin but not a damn thing about Russian life, which is also a part of understanding where Putin is coming from. There is a relatively close economic relationship between American and Russian business, and the last number I heard was that American business does 60 billion a year over there. They got KFC’s, Pizza Huts, McDonalds, etc. They love Hollywood.. and Western fashions. The sanctions put in place by America for Russian involvement in Crimea has taken it’s toll and is likely the main reason for the bromance between Putin and Trump. Another thing we Americans don’t realize about Russian leaders… their control of their own military is not the same as ours. Of course Putin has control but there is always a risk of the military feeling incensed about the old empire days and being a respected power. A coup is always in the background somewhere. So much of what Russian leaders say that appears to be saber-rattling is just verbiage to appease their military. There is a distinct link to culture about Russians thinking they are being perceived as weak to the world (not surprising given how many times people have invaded them).
    Anyway.. point being to all this… Americans truly need to understand the cultures of the nations we need to deal with on a continuing basis. Think of this possibility.. Russian hacking might be just them trying to get our attention… because, think of it this way, do they even have a capacity to do anything with information they have hacked? Do they even want to?

    1. Well said….that is a major problem with the Middle East…Americans do not understand the culture so they condemn from a point of low knowledge…nothing is what they want it to be….have a good week….chuq

  2. I prefer looking at the bigger picture in all/any thing going on. I think that the US and Russia are in full collusion to create a new cold war, something that would be highly beneficial to certain individuals, and certainly the the spy and security industries – yes, industries. The whole thing is a show, and the victims are smaller nations (satellites of the main powers) and of course individuals whose foibles can be exploited to achieve the big results. Next step: a similar “cold war” between India and China, then a sort of mix-n-match along the way: presto: 1984.

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