I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays whichever they prefer…..

It is a time for joy and family….the only draw back is that people are so busy this time of year that the readership slips a bit…but it is to be expected….so many things to do and so little time….

I am still considering the possibility of a podcast for IST and I would like to hear from my followers what they think of the idea.

This will be my only post today….nothing major to be said or written……

I hope everyone has a great day….don’t eat too much and do not let crazy uncle Bob get under your skin….hide the booze…he will eventually fall asleep and then he will be rendered harmless.

I also want to thank all those who have participated in IST….your participation is a great gift from you to me and I appreciate you loyalty and your comments.

Thank you…..something I cannot say enough or too often.

Have fun…….enjoy family….I will return tomorrow.

Peace and love….my friends.  Hoping you have a great Christmas……


4 thoughts on “Christmas–2016

  1. You reminded me Christmas isn’t done yet. Time for me to wind it down right with a box of tissues, some Baileys, and watching “Joyeux Noel.” I cry and smile every time I watch it. Damn good movie.

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