The Ghost Of The USS Pueblo

Early Saturday morning I was having a hard time sleeping so I decided to watch some news……I found the Rachel Maddow Show…..she is so cute but she is just too damn redundant for me to watch often.

The show was about basically about the moves the China has made in recent years when we have a new president…..(oh Hell I hate typing this early…watch it for yourself)…..

As usual she was very through in her research but I took a different tack off of the piece……I remember on 23Jan68 the North Koreans captured a US Naval vessel, USS Pueblo……which was operating in international waters, according to the US…… anyone old enough to remember this?

the USS Pueblo, a Navy intelligence vessel, is engaged in a routine surveillance of the North Korean coast when it is intercepted by North Korean patrol boats. According to U.S. reports, the Pueblo was in international waters almost 16 miles from shore, but the North Koreans turned their guns on the lightly armed vessel and demanded its surrender. The Americans attempted to escape, and the North Koreans opened fire, wounding the commander and two others. With capture inevitable, the Americans stalled for time, destroying the classified information aboard while taking further fire. Several more crew members were wounded.

Finally, the Pueblo was boarded and taken to Wonson. There, the 83-man crew was bound and blindfolded and transported to Pyongyang, where they were charged with spying within North Korea’s 12-mile territorial limit and imprisoned. It was the biggest crisis in two years of increased tension and minor skirmishes between the United States and North Korea.

All this was a continuing battle of intel between US and PRNK…..what does this have to do with Maddow’s talk?

Shen mentioned a couple of ships, US Navy ships, that were crewed by civilians….the Bowditch and the Impeccable….but they are research ships…..they are intel ships and I bet that half the crew are agents with some real scientist scattered in to make it appear legit.

The South China Sea is a hot bed of intel activity thanx to those islands that everyone in the region lays claim to….then there is the underwater  drone that China has lifted….

Pentagon officials are accusing the Chinese Navy of theft today after one of their ships made off with a US underwater surveillance drone, which officials described as “lawfully conducting a military survey” in the South China Sea.

Details on the incident are still emerging. The USNS Bowditch deployed 2 such drones somewhere in the South China Sea. The Pentagon described the incident as occurring “about 100 miles” from Subic Bay, which likely puts it in the vicinity of the Spratly Islands.

The Bowditch was being followed by a Chinese Navy vessel, the ASR-510, a Dalang-III class rescue and salvage ship. The Bowditch had its drones deployed about 500 meters from itself, and while Pentagon officials described the Bowditch itself as being in international waters, they weren’t clear whether the drones were. Obvious the US and China also have different concepts of whose maritime waters are whose in the South China Sea as well.


Maddow said in her report that you can buy this drone on the market for about $155,000…but I bet that mine will not have the electronics in it that the one the Chinese scooped up has….wahtcha think?

This is all the same games that we have played for 60 years… is just a Game Of Spies……


4 thoughts on “The Ghost Of The USS Pueblo

  1. Oh the words maybe slightly different but the SONG remains the same! ~~dru~~

    HG would be so proud of the China, Russia, US and now North Korea square dance. I would have said quadrille but then you’d have to understand that each entity places both the partners so that they can interchange partners on a 1/2 to 1/2 ration instead of 1:1.

    Boy is it my bed time or what? ~~dru~~

  2. Gee, it all just sounds so redundant, and, thus, boring. Chest thumping, sword brandishing, accusations of unlawfulness, all spouted with an air of dignified higher moral ground, assertions made without evidence, disputations over details/minutiae…. All the actions of a schoolyard bully, on both sides….

    Pathetic, especially since both sides consider it all so important, when, what it is, is sick…

    gigoid, the dubious

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