Where’s The Iraqi News?

AS the battles rage across Iraq….the military and militias are attempting to put an end to ISIS in Iraq…..the conflict has had many set backs in recent years….but with the help of US and its allies the conflict is swinging in the direction of the Iraqis.

I usually get some first hand news out of Iraq for I still have a few friends that I made when I worked in the country in the 1980’s and they, when possible, keep me informed and I then try to pass on to my readers the news that seems to escape the MSM of the West.

Recently, for about a  month, my friends have been slow to get me any news….at first I thought it was because they might be in danger and were laying low to avoid any complications.

Over last weekend I finally got to hear from one of my friends and he said that ALL news about the conflict was being censored in many ways….especially on bloggers and people not associated with the government….

He then sent me a piece written up in a region news source……

The Iraqi government is keeping an eye on local and foreign media outlets that are covering security events in the country, especially the war against the Islamic State (IS), namely in the battle to liberate the city of Mosul.

On Dec. 3, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) rectified its previous report on the violence against civilians in Iraq, following the criticism of the report by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, which requested it to be amended. UNAMI admitted that the number of casualties mentioned in the report was incorrect and was not collected from reliable sources.

This was not the first time that media outlets or humanitarian organizations corrected their reports following requests by Iraqi authorities. Since the launch of the Mosul operation, the Iraqi government is keeping an eye on media outlets and humanitarian organizations covering the battle of Mosul to prevent them from publishing false reports.

Appears the Iraqis have learned a lesson well from their American friends….that on how to control the info on the battles as they rage….

6 thoughts on “Where’s The Iraqi News?

  1. Well,you know my thoughts…..BBC is doing the same…a deplorable state of affairs.
    However, we are fighting back…..the trolls are getting more numerous by the day & slimier.
    Had to warn someone the other day…their radar was not as good as mine…
    cia/mi6 zio’s u name it we got it…never used my block button so much…I do challenge them..I call them order followers…I sometimes retweet the vuglar/abusive ones, just for amusement…the last one got bashed by an online friend…the cia ones are getting more obvious by the day…..don’t think they managed a footing on the bell curve as gigoid would say…
    keep on trukin’ & don’t believe anything on MSM
    cya chuq.

  2. Lady P covered it pretty well, so, I’ll merely answer the question… It (the Iraqi news…) fell down into the same black hole all the rest of the news is being funneled into….

    gigoid, the dubious, and, nobody needs to ask why…

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