Just Fracking Great!

I do not normally write on the environment much for it is one of those issues that little info goes a long way…..few people want to face the fact that our environment is in trouble…..which is okay with me for I will be long dead by the time it all goes to crap and will not effect me at all…

There has been a running debate on the use of fracking to expel low quality oil from sand…..some say it will save the Us and others say that it will be our salvation….salvation from what they are not so clear but it will save us…..from ourselves I am guessing…….there are lots of sources of contention over the practice so I thought I would add one more……

(Newser) – Add this to ongoing debate about the merits and potential dangers of fracking: A Duke study uncovered high levels of radioactivity in water and sediment downstream from a fracking treatment plant in Pennsylvania, reports LiveScience. The researchers discovered the unexpected levels of radium in a creek near the Josephine Brine Treatment Facility. While radium is a naturally occurring radioactive metal, levels were 200 times higher than those found upstream of the plant, reports USA Today.

“We were surprised by the magnitude of radioactivity,” says a co-author of the study published in Environmental Science & Technology. He called for more such sites to be investigated. Wastewater treatment plants can remove most of the radioactivity but not all, say the researchers, who traced the water in their study back to the state’s large Marcellus Shale Formation. (Click to read about a Department of Energy study from earlier this year that found no dangers to drinking water near fracking sites. The fracking boom, meanwhile, is helping the US overtake Russia as the world’s largest energy producer.)

No matter what you think…I just do not see the advantage of injecting high pressure fluid into the earth’s crust and not expect some sort of natural reaction to the practice……we will eventually see just how good or bad the system is in the near future…….thoughts?


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