Egyptian Restart?

Inkwell Institute

Middle East Desk

While Americans were celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence the Egyptian people were declaring theirs, at least independence from the dictatorial approach of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood……..if you have no idea of what a speak then I suggest you read a newspaper and let that mind numbing Honey Boo Boo die a natural death…….

Once the Egyptian army ceased power and put Morsi under protection the war hawks in Washington started thumping their chest……people like McCain who condemned the army for their action….basically he has come to support the Muslim Brotherhood…..think about that people!  McCain and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Let’s go back about 15 years and the Muslim Brotherhood was high on the terrorist list…….because of their extreme religious beliefs and their embracing of terrorism as a political weapon……so now let us ask…..what happen for that to change?  It appears that since they participated in the general elections in Egypt after the fall of Mubarak…they have become a democratic institution and in being so deserves the support of people like McCain…….

Now with that said….I want to ask…..why does Hamas not deserve recognition other than being on that same terrorist list that the Muslim Brotherhood use to reside?

Hamas is an organization that represents the people of Gaza and yes they were democratically elected to the posts… why are they not worthy of support?

Easy answer….ISRAEL!

The Jewish state is controlling the terrorist list and in doing so controlling the US Middle East foreign policy……..because the Brotherhood participated in the elections does not give them a free ride….there are many democratically elected leaders that we do not deal with for whatever reason…..but when it comes to the Middles East….it is Israel that will dictate what and who we are to support…..this is why Israel can get away with murder and I mean it in actual terms…….

The US will play NO significant role in the events taking place in the Middle East as long as our policies are driven for the benefit of Israel and no one else…..


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