Why Are You So P*ssed?

There seems to be a faux scandal daily….whatever asshats (I wish I could use a more friendly term but call a spade a spade) think will play in the media….the newest one is all the people that are outraged that the government may be tracking them….and oh God the people with the 4th amendment objection are just too numerous to mention …besides being too absurd to follow……this is the new scandal du jour…….anything to keep the ass clowns from doing their job of governing….it is getting beyond pathetic!

I really would like to move on but I cannot…..they will not let me!

Sorry, I digress……..the story is that the intel people are tracking phone calls in an attempt to identify and stop any terrorist activity that could threaten our national security…..national security….now there is a term that has been humped damn near to death…….anyway the outrage is deafening……..the guy worked for NSA for 3 months before he decided to make a name for myself……this does not pass the sniff test with me.


O boo hoo…you may be tracked by intel agencies……cry me a river…….I am old enough to be on every list the government has…..thanx to Nixon and COINTELPRO….you see I was an uber-radical back in the day and you learn to live with good old Uncle Sam looking over your shoulder every time you voiced an opinion….suck it up!

So you feel somehow violated….right?

But yet you smile and give corporate America access to every aspect of your life.  How is that different?

Every time you donate to a charity you give them permission for the organization to sell your info to any willing buyer…….you give them permission to harass you with annoying phone calls.  Then you go to the local supermarket and use your special discount……which tracks every aspect of your purchasing……;they know that every time you buy cheddar you also buy a laxative……every thime you use a card or answer a question they are tracking you…….they know everything about your buying habits…..in other words they track you….let me say that slowly so there is NO confusion…….T H E Y  T R A C K  Y O U!

Welcome to the 21st century!  Get use to it!  There is more to come!

As much as you would like to think that you are somehow secure…..They know you and your habits!  Whether it is buying groceries or making a phone call………You Are Known!

Granted the substance is not the same but the principle is………I smell a steaming pile of fecal matter……..now ask yourself, who benefits the most by releasing this information?  The answer will give you the real motivation behind the release…….it is really that simple.


8 thoughts on “Why Are You So P*ssed?

  1. Actually Dr. Chuq, I think the people benefit by becoming more aware of just how much of their privacy is being usurped. You and I may have a pretty good knowledge of how our every move is being monitored by both the public and private sectors but I suspect the vast majority of Americans do not.

    It may not seem like much or something that we can get used to but I’m not sure we should or really want to. Listen to Edward Snowden as he gives his testimony Glen Greenwald when he’s asked, “Why should people care about surveillance” Here’s his response.

    “Because even if you’re not even doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded and the storage capabilities of these systems increases every year, consistently, by orders of magnitude, to where it is getting to the point of you don’t have to have done anything wrong. You simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call. And then they can use this system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you have ever made, every friend you have ever discussed something with and attack you on that basis to sort of derive suspicion from an innocent life and paint anyone in the context of a wrong doer.”

    Listening to Snowden speak articulately and watching his face as he does, I simply don’t get the feeling he’s a whacko out to make a name for himself. He conveys that he has more credentials that put him closer to this information than the Media has been willing to concede thus far. I am going to wait and hold final judgement but this guy may be getting set up by those who really are crossing the line with our privacy and using their buddies in the corporate media to sway public opinion in their favor and against Snowden

    1. Larry, none of us should be surprised after all most Americans favored the Patriot Act to get those “damn rag heads”…it opened a whole can of worms……

      Having worked in the industry…this would not have happened if actually fed employees were used……crap hit the fan with the privatization of the Reagan years……I wonder about a guy that packed up and went to China to avoid being watched and then goes on TV for interviews and gives his name……I have a problem with this guy….he may be legit but that is to be seen in my mind….I still contend that this smells…..

    1. Hiya John….had not seen a hit from Brazil lately and was wondering if is okay……

      True that….this one will bear watching……

  2. I agree with you lobotero, this NSA scandal measures way down my list of concerns. I have too much of a working knowledge of how the internet works to think my activities online are not being tracked and I freely participate in it’s use.

    I would prefer if the media would stay on more important stories like “fast and furious”, Benghazi and the IRS. You know, holding accountable those in government that either abuse their power or who’s actions lead to the deaths of Americans.

    The NSA may be an abuse of power, but until it is used to punish political opposition I will pass on being concerned.

    1. Right you are Fl….NSA is doing nothing illegal….maybe unethical….but legal….

      We have been tracked one way or the other since about 2000….this is not much new…..

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