Meanwhile Back In Syria

I realize that we have not heard much in a week or so about Syria……all eyes are on Benghazi hearings or the IRS or the AP story…..but while the masses are amused by the shiny bits fed to them by the media there were things happening in Syria….yes that Syria…the one the McCain was blowing the blues about just a month ago….but right now all is quiet on the Syrian front….well at least the front that originates with the war hawks in Congress.

I know I post a lot about Syria in recent months but again I worked in the country years ago, Aleppo to be exact and still have friends there….well to be honest I have lost contact with them in the last year or so and unfortunately I fear the worse for them and their families….after college I went to work for a Spanish newspaper as researcher and that gave me a chance to work and live in many countries in the Middle East…..I gues we could say that I have a vested interests in the happenings…….so like it or not……I will be posting on the area as much as I can especially when there are stories that do not make it into the media for whatever lame reason…..

For over a year so on the Right have been pushing for the US to get more involved with the opposition in Syria……the problem is which opposition group?  A tough question because there are many groups in opposition to Assad……

I have cautioned my readers about the haste to help could do more damage than good…..and stories like the one below is why.  If the administration had caved to the calls by idiots for the US to get more involved we might have been in support of the group mentioned.

A Syrian rebel has been caught on video apparently cutting a dead soldier’s heart from his body then taking a bite from it. “I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog,” says the rebel, identified by Human Rights Watch as noted rebel figure Abu Sakkar of Homs. HRW calls the act a war crime, and Syria’s leading opposition coalition has promised a trial, the BBC reports. “The mutilation of the bodies of enemies is a war crime. But the even more serious issue is the very rapid descent into sectarian rhetoric and violence,” an HRW rep tells Reuters. Sakkar is seen telling his followers to “slaughter the Alawites”—Assad’s sect—”and take their hearts out to eat them” in an unedited clip, the HRW spokesman says. The video hasn’t been independently authenticated, reports note. Sakkar has appeared in other videos from the Syrian crisis, including one in which he poses with the corpse of a fighter with Hezbollah, which is supporting Syria’s government, HRW notes. RT News has blurry, though graphic, images from the video.

This is just one of many stories coming out of the region….and the US is wise to mark time until a more definitive opposition can be formed…….human rights should not be abandoned in the desire to oust a leader that we basically created.

McCain and his bunch are nothing but cheerleaders for war and the military-industrial complex…..and we know they almost always get there way….WMDs…..Iraq……any of those ring a bell?

P.S.  Check out the links to other stories in days batch of posts…they will help my reader understand better.  Check them out if you want to be better informed or ignore them so you can bitch about them latter….your choice!


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