The Ryan Budget

 Ryan's Budget

How about a little food for thought?  The US has run a budget deficit for 46 of the last 50 years…..and it has not destroyed the country.


20 thoughts on “The Ryan Budget

  1. … yet.

    Rome was not built in a day nor was it destroyed in a day. Rome, after it became unable to continue parasitizing its colonies, became a parasite upon itself. In the end the predatory state had consumed every bit of wealth the citizenry had created. Nothing was left for industry or even basic defenses to resist the invading “barbarians.”

    Ryan’s budget doesn’t have much to recommend it. It’s timid, stale, unimaginative and uninnovative. It’s in fact the essence of government. It is more government. It’s is Obama-slightly-light. We need much less government, much less expense from bloated, arrogant, domineering, calcified know-it-all government. Power needs to be returned to the people where their energy and creativity can build the future. … There, my two cents.

    1. Mike thanx for your 2 cents……I agree that the government should be by the people and for the people….but somehow I do not think we will see it the same…

  2. “and it has not destroyed the country.” That’s your opinion.

    In 1963 $35.10 would buy an once of gold, to day it takes $1,609.80 to buy the same once of gold.
    In 1963 a gallon of gas was $0.30, today I paid $3.48 for the same gallon of gas.
    In 1963 the Federal spending was $111.32 billion. In 2012 the federal spending was estimated to be $3,600 billion.
    In 1963 the Federal debt was $310.3 billion. In 2012 the federal debt was just over $16,000 billion.
    In 1963 the average income of an America was $5,800 a year, today it is $50,000 a year.

    1. Yep, my opinion….now extend your prices to today’s dollars……our has not been destroyed no amount of wishful thinking will change that…..

      1. i’ll I have to research, but we used the American dollar in 1963, the same currency we use today. I guess the only difference would be that they are federal reserve notes and in 1963 we still had a gold backed currency.

      2. True that but there has been a change in the purchasing power of that dollar and I think once extended out you will see what I mean…..I believe that a dollar in 1963 would have the purchasing power of about $7.50 today….

      3. If you retired in 1963 your wealth/savings was destroyed. Our debt/ Federal Reserve Banking system/ money pumping inflation forces people to put their retirement savings in riskier investments so to “keep up” with government created inflation.

  3. Since you have not supplied an answer to my question I will give you the answer… “why is there a difference in purchase power of the dollar?” debt.

    Because of the abuse of power of the federal reserve our money is decreasing in value and losing purchasing power. If we did not operate in the red every year we would not need the federal reserve to pump more and more currency into the market or to keep interest rates artificially low.

    As our national debt goes up the purchasing power of our money goes down. We need to stop hiding the facts under the rug of “adjusted for inflation” numbers.

    1. I thought I did give you an answer…..cost of living goes up…income does not….well at least to keep track with necessities…..this country has always printed money that we could not cover….even as far back as the “continental dollar” of 1776…..I agree that debt needs to be reigned in but at what price? There comes a time when people should take precedent over ideology…..I know…a wonderful thought and will NEVER happen……we keep talking about generational theft and all it is is a slogan for getting one’s way by the use of fear…..I am talking about both parties there is NO one that is exempt from blame……

      1. Wrong, plenty of people are exempt from blame.

        Harry Browne spent most of his adult life waring people, he wrote this book in 1970.

        Ron Paul for the past 30 years.
        Virtually anyone who calls himself a libertarian.

        What you meant to say is, Neo-con, Liberals, Progressives who thought we could keep just printing more money and all our problems are solved.

        When Keynes was asked about the future debt of his policy’s, he replied that we all have to die sometime, meaning out debt will be someone else’s problem has come to light.

      2. Owen, will check out book… soon as I can……

        Mike, your recommendation also…..

        Thanx guys for the participation……

  4. A couple things people say daily are just wrong.

    The “cost of living doesn’t go up”, the value of the dollar has gone down.
    The “value of gold went up”, no, the value of the dollar has gone down. Remember, gold is the constant, not the dollar.

    A person is paid in Federal Reserve Notes, and they are not tied to the value of gold. If an “extra” trillion Federal Reserve notes are printed and put into circulation the cost of goods reflect that change, not so for your paycheck.

    1. Owen, is it possible if we eliminate the Fed that prices will remain high… you believe the deficit will shrink when the Fed is gone?

      1. Eliminating the Fed is only 1 step in the process of controlling inflation, all though it would do nothing for the deficit. To stengthen the dollar and control inflation we would need to take away the money “printing” powers of the fed and the federal government. We need to have a standard by which money is created based on something (Gold is the most talked about, but it could be a wide range of things).

        Deficit control is a lot easier. A balanaced budget amendment would be a good place to start. There is enough waste in the federal government that we can easily cut 1/3 from the budget without taking form those that actually need the services.

        Sadly though, the possiblity of a responsible federal government has now become a utopian idea that we will never experiance.

      2. Okay Fl, what about gold….it is traded on the futures market?…..and speculation will not let it go down again…..or currency will have to be support by something……what is your idea?

      3. If we were to go back on the gold standard it would be a diffult process. I found a forbes articel from about a year ago that talks more indepth about th eprocess:

        The key is that the fiat money system we are in is built around the ability of the government to take form the population, through inflation, without the majority of people realizing it.

        After FDR confiscated gold in 1933, from 1934 – 1967 Gold’s value fluctuated from about $32 – $35/once. 33 years and gold stayed with in a 9% range.

        In 1978 gold was $193.20/once and in 2011 (33 years later) gold was $1,571.52. We where taken off the gold standard officially in 1971, since then our dollar has lost about 713% of it’s value, most of that in the last 4 years(I wonder what the factor has been in the last 4 years?).

        The evidence is there that we need to get off the fiat system and have some sort of stabalized commodity backed currency. The perpetual deficit spending and increasing national debt is unsustainable and we will not survive the bust when it finally happens. I pity those under the age of 20 that will have to deal with the aftermath.

      4. See government would have to get involved to end speculation… not get me wrong….I am not defending the Fed….I just want to hear specifics……but so far there have been none coming….only promises of the stability that it will bring…..I doubt it and still wait for specifics…..

  5. The Fed in of its self doesn’t create high prices, it gives Congress the means by which to manipulate the money supply to devalue your wealth.
    The deficit is a result of the governments fiat money.

    Index the currency (gold, silver) and I think you have your answer.

    I’ll add that Milton Friedman said that it isn’t necessary to go on the gold standard. He believed that you just needed to set the value of the currency. He gave the example that a piece of wood that was 12″ in 1932 is still 12″ today.

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