You Must Be 21 To Participate

For my readers and followers that do not understand what happened….I am a political animal but on weekends I give my mind a break and find interesting stuff other than politics on which to post…..some of it is cultural, some sciencey and some just plain absurd…..just my small attempt to keep my mind grounded and well rested for the coming week……enjoy!

Holy crap!  There is a wealth of sex news these days……..I just saw the Arias story for the first time last week……you would think the media would be all over this because they love them some gossip……

There are a lot of things that one needs to be 18 to do…..fight for your country, stand trial as an adult, vote, get married and then there are somethings that one must be 21 to participate….like having a drink or buying a gun. And now there is a push for an age upgrade……..

The media were quick to jump all over the “disgraced” Miss Delaware Teen USA’s alleged turn in a porn video. But everyone missed the larger point: Melissa King was just 18 when she supposedly filmed it, writes Charles Lane in the Washington Post. “Why is it even legal to cast an 18-year-old in a sexually explicit movie?” he wonders. Eighteen might be the age at which you can vote, but certainly “having sex with a stranger for money and on camera belongs on the short list of risky behaviors that one can’t legally engage in before age 21,” like drinking, gambling, working as a stripper, or buying a gun. Congress set the minimum age to participate in porn at 18 in 1984, back when it took a lot more time, effort, and money to make a porn film. These days, anyone can film a sex act on a cellphone camera and distribute it on social media. “Mistakes like King’s are much easier to make but much harder to erase,” Lane writes. It’s time for Congress to recognize “the immaturity and vulnerability of some 18- to 21-year-olds” by changing the porn age. Click for Lane’s full column.

This is total crap!  If a woman can get married without parental permission then she should be able to have sex and make a movie…….okay let’s say they get their way…..can the female be emancipated and work in porn?  Can the parents give their permission for her to work?  Can we then expand their little law to include regular movies….no kid actors under the age of 21?  Where will it all end?


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