Who Wins In Ukraine?

This is a source of contention for many….but the question still needs to be asked…..After 6 months who is actually winning the conflict?

My question is asked because of the massive money and equipment that has poured into Ukraine from the US and the spigot is still full open……

He is a look into the conflict by VOX……

It has been six months since Russia invaded Ukraine, and it’s not obvious who’s “winning” the war.

The first stage of the Russian attack in February, a lightning thrust aimed at seizing Kyiv and decapitating the Ukrainian government, was a swift and humiliating failure. Stiff Ukrainian resistance forced the Russians to withdraw to the eastern part of the country, where their ambitions narrowed in the short term to a conquest of the Donbas region (much of which had already been controlled by Russian-backed separatists since 2014).

In the Donbas offensive, which began in late April, the two sides have been locked in an artillery duel — less rapid troop advancement and more firing shells and rockets from afar. This played to Russia’s primary strength, a numerically superior artillery corps, and led to high Ukrainian casualties and slow but steady Russian gains in the spring and early summer.

More recently, however, the momentum has started to swing back to the Ukrainian side. Western military aid — most notably an American rocket artillery system called HIMARS — has helped level the artillery playing field and wreaked havoc on Russian supply lines. Today, experts aren’t asking whether Ukraine will launch a counteroffensive aimed at retaking Russian-held territory, but when it will start and where it will focus.

Whether this means Ukraine is now “winning,” however, is a somewhat more complicated question to answer. We don’t know that the upcoming counteroffensive is likely to succeed; it depends on factors about which we have limited evidence, like Ukraine’s ability to conduct so-called “combined arms” offensive operations (ones that employ multiple components of military power simultaneously to accomplish a particular goal). Some important quantitative metrics, like the size of their respective ammunition stockpiles, are hard to estimate based on publicly available information. At this point, even leading experts on the conflict find it difficult to assess with real confidence who’s winning on the battlefield.


As Vladimir Putin‘s war in Ukraine enters its seventh month now, a former U.S. diplomat said that more and more Russians support Moscow’s acts and want to eradicate its war-torn neighbor.

What Happened: Daniel Fried, distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council and former Ambassador to Poland, in a tweet on Sunday, said, “It’s not just Putin’s war. Many Russians now support the Kremlin’s campaign of national extermination of Ukraine.”

Again these are just observations…..and the lack of questions about this conflict proves the power of propaganda.

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12 thoughts on “Who Wins In Ukraine?

  1. More troops are being conscripted by Putin, and Russia obviously has the determination to continue the war. It will be interesting to see if they have the weapons to do that. But at best, Ukraine can surely only be delaying the inevitable, as long as Putin retains control. The time will come when Zelensky may have to cede the Donbas region, and give up the claim on Crimea.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I dunno who wins but everyone loses. I also know the US track record with “conflicts” is not very good. The last war they “won: was WWII 70 years ago…

    1. Maybe we should rename the Defense department as it was in 1944….the War Department……we start more wars that we seldom finish. chuq

  3. I remain convinced…that when you stack Russia against Ukraine (militarily and with respect to public resolve), prior to February……virtually nobody bets on Ukraine. Now…..it’s more of a toss-up. At the very least Ukraine isn’t losing.

    And I’m taking into account the vast largess of military aid and advice from the West. Russia has shown itself to have a hollow logistics apparatus, a woeful lack of professionalism in the non-commissioned officer and junior officer ‘corps’ (such as it is) and either poorly developed or poorly executed operational and maneuver doctrine.

  4. I just finished a book called “The Border” by Writer Erika Fatland…published in 2017, she went along the entire border of Russia, from North Korea and China all the way to Ukraine, Poland and Finland…in the book there is much of Russia’s history of aggression, so what we are witnessing now is nothing new…however, it also shows just how weak they are as a so-called “super power”…and just how tough it is for the citizens there…

      1. She’s a great writer, and the book is stuffed with historical info on the areas, all about who conquered who for how long, and all of the senseless wars and conflicts caused by Russia…

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