Closing Thought–26Aug22

We hear lots of positive stories coming out of Ukraine….and equally disturbing reports coming out of Russia….

But the question is….are things going well in Ukraine?

The latest issue from the State Department raises many question and that is just one….

The US embassy in Kyiv is imploring any American citizens still in Ukraine to leave, citing intel that Russia might launch attacks on civilian areas and government facilities in the coming days, reports the Wall Street Journal. The warning comes ahead of Ukraine’s Independence Day on Wednesday, one that marks 31 years since Ukraine left the teetering Soviet Union. The day also marks the six-month anniversary of the Russian invasion. As such, there will be no celebrations or parades this year; instead, Ukrainian officials are instituting curfews and warning citizens to stay home.

Andrii Yusov, spokesman for Ukraine’s ministry of defense, said “missile attacks and other provocations” are likely on or around Wednesday, per CNN. “[The Russians] are crazy about dates and symbols,” Yusov said, “so it would be quite logical to … be prepared for the fact that Independence Day will also be attacked.” President Volodymyr Zelensky also warned in a weekend video message that “we must all be aware that this week Russia could try to do something particularly ugly, something particularly vicious” in the coming days.

The warnings follow the murder of Darya Dugina—daughter of ultranationalist Alexander Dugin—in a car bomb attack on Saturday, as well as a series of attacks far behind Russian lines, including a military airfield in Crimea and strikes on several ammunition depots and command posts in occupied areas. Meanwhile, as the New York Timesreports, a skeleton crew of “stressed, tired, and scared workers” at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant are “all that stands between the world and nuclear disaster.” And in a possible signal that Ukraine is preparing for new counteroffensives, the Pentagon on Friday announced an $800 million assistance package that reportedly includes short-range TOW missiles, armored mine-clearing vehicles, and other weaponry suitable for “closer combat,” according to the Washington Post.

If things are going well then why does the State Department thinks it needs to issue this warning?

So again….are things really going all that good in Ukraine?

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17 thoughts on “Closing Thought–26Aug22

  1. Putin has just announced an increase in army recruitment and conscription. It seems like he is not finished with Ukraine just yet.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Putin does not have to fire any nuclear weapons at Ukraine. If he can force that nuclear plant to melt down it will be the same as if he dropped a nuclear bomb and it will affect all of Ukraine, a lot of Europe and Russia too. Somebody needs to get inside that plant and wipe out all the Russians who are camped out in there and take control again.

    1. That would be a disaster for Russia…the prevailing winds will give Russia the brunt of any radiation…..cutting off nose in spite of face……chuq

  3. Putin does not need to drop a nuclear bomb on Ukraine. If he can cause that reactor to explode it will amount to the same thing and it will affect Ukraine, most of Europe and some of Russia too. Somebody needs to infiltrate that plant and wipe the Ruskies who are camped in their out and regain control of it.

  4. Things going well in Ukraine (they’re still a sovereign nation at the moment)…..and Russian terrorism against civilians….can be mutually inclusive. In fact, that an alleged ‘superpower’ would have to resort to wildly increased conscription and use of PMC’s….and …..acts of terror; speaks to how well things are going, in the balance.

    1. So Ukraine is doing well…..if so the amount of ‘aid’ then Ukraine should be in Crimea by now….in the end what will be our return on the investment? chuq

      1. You never miss an opportunity to shit on Ukraine do you? I don’t think I’ve seen even near the same vitriol directed against a large, more autocratic nation invading an occupying a neighboring, sovereign nation.

      2. I just think there is more happening in Ukraine than what the State Department and the media wants us to know…as afar as shitting on Ukraine I do not think asking questions is that….money is thrown at Ukraine but it i9s a ‘crime’ when it is directed toward our own people,,,,,I find that disgusting. chuq

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