Ukraine/Russia–Who’s Winning?

For 6 months the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been raging….personally I think ‘raging’ is a bit of a stretch….the US and the West was sunk billions into the conflict trying to sway the direction of the conflict.

For me the big question is with our massive investment in Ukraine I ask who is winning?

News has it Ukraine is holding their own.  Russian news has them succeeding…..who is winning?

The American Conservative has an answer……

What’s happening in the nearly six-month-old Russo-Ukrainian war? It’s hard to say. Moscow expected a proverbial cakewalk and bungled its initial attack. After rebuffing Russia’s assault, the Zelensky government expanded its objectives, expressing its desire to reconquer portions of the Donbas seized by separatists with Russian support in 2014, as well as Crimea, which had been formally annexed by Moscow.

In recent months, however, Russian forces have made slow progress in the Donbas and now occupy a fifth or more of Ukrainian territory. But Ukraine and its advocates have been threatening counteroffensives against Moscow’s supposedly overstretched forces. Conflicting claims have been made about casualty levels, the impact of high-tech allied weapons sent to Ukraine, and both sides’ prospects in the war.

Both Russia and Ukraine have lied and will continue to lie in search of future advantage. Of course, it makes sense to mislead one’s enemies. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously observed: “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”

Alas, governments, including Washington, also lie to their own people. Virtually everything the George W. Bush administration claimed to justify its disastrous invasion of Iraq was false. Prior administrations and their allies shared fake atrocities to back earlier military interventions against Yugoslavia and Iraq. The Reagan administration made a series of unfounded statements after the U.S. shoot-down of the Iranian airliner in the Persian Gulf in 1988. And the Johnson administration used spurious claims of a North Vietnamese attack on U.S. forces to win passage of the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which authorized deployments that metastasized into the Vietnam War, in which 58,000 Americans died.

Who is Winning the Russo-Ukrainian War?

My personal opinion is that we are funding a war that will do nothing for the US….no matter who wins life in the US will not change one iota…..corporations will continue their control and the workers will continue to sink further into poverty.


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6 thoughts on “Ukraine/Russia–Who’s Winning?

  1. Your analysis of the outcome of this war is frighteningly accurate. America will invest vast amounts of wealth into this cause only to have it end like Vietnam … with Russia over-running Ukraine and everyone else coming just a little closer to fiscal catastrophe. Russia is like a spreading cancer .. it moves slowly but sooner or later it takes over the target and destroys it … It is an old Russian tactic that begins by a process called “Boring from within” and ending with the global map becoming a little bit redder. We need to quietly send Ukraine a couple of intercontinental bombers and and have them painted in Russian colors and arm them with a couple of Big Boys and allow Ukraine to deposit their calling card inside the Kremlin.

  2. The very idea of that war is being used as an excuse for high prices, food shortages (to put up prices) and fuel supply disruptions. (to put up prices) It has become ‘The Golden Excuse’ throughout the West, and nobody cares any longer who wins.
    Just so long as they keep fighting and providing ‘the excuse’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I give UKR a small ‘w’ with an asterisk (since the conflict is ongoing) for not only stopping the Russian forces from seizing Kiev (prior to the deluge of gifted equipment), but also in masterfully arousing and organizing the national spirit of resistance.

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