Keep Talking You Dumbass

Since the abstention by the US on a settlement resolution at the UN every right wing dullard has been having a stroke….of course there is always the religious overtones but that has nothing to do with this resolution….it is what is right and wrong and the stealing of land and the destruction of crops to make room for more illegal settlements is just flat out WRONG!

And of course BiBi is butt hurt and doing what most authoritarians do….he is slashing out at the countries that voted against Israel.  To the point of threatening the United States…..

PM Binyamin Netanyahu of Israel and his cabinet ministers are trying to punch above their weight. He wants to punish the UN, and apparently even the United States.

He threatens the one country that made the state of Israel possible….

He also threatens 10 other countries……These countries were Britain, France, Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, Angola, Egypt, Uruguay and Spain…Israel does not have so many friends that it can afford to lose their biggest supporters….

But by all means BiBi…keep talking….

He then continued, “This is an anti-Israel resolution against Israel, the Jewish people, and the state of the Jews.”  And this is the feeling of many Americans….people who have NOT read the resolution….they do what they do best…regurgitate bullshit!

The resolution isn’t anti-Israel, doesn’t mention anything about Jews, and doesn’t challenge the Jewish state.  It just points out that Israelis are not at liberty to steal Palestinian land.  The United Nations Charter forbids the acquisition of territory by military force, so Israel’s conquest of the Palestinian West Bank in 1967 is no warrant for it to colonize said territory or to expropriate and keep in a condition of statelessness the people who live there.

Maybe read that paragraph again… takes time to get through those pea brains on the Right!

Only a moron would claim antisemitism….the condemnation is of the governmental actions not the people or the religion….there is a difference…look it up.

Plus he, BiBi, is injecting himself into this society… of US behind the vote….

Israel has been voicing its displeasure about the United States’ abstention from a UN Security Council vote Friday that called for an end to illegal Israeli settlements. So has Donald Trump, who’s vowed “things will be different after Jan. 20th.” Now Israel is offering the president-elect what it says is proof that President Obama helped set up the resolution, the Guardian reports. “We have rather iron-clad information from sources in both the Arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the United States and in fact they helped create the resolution in the first place,” a rep for PM Benjamin Netanyahu told Fox News. Ron Dermer, Israeli ambassador to DC, elaborated Monday. “It’s an old story that the United Nations gangs up on Israel,” he said, per the Hill. “What is new is that the United States did not stand up and oppose that gang up. And what is outrageous is that the United States was actually behind that gang up.”

The Guardian notes Israel making this threat to present “evidence” to an incoming president against one still in the Oval Office “appears almost unprecedented.” But the White House insists that while Obama did decide US Ambassador Samantha Power would abstain during Friday’s vote, he wasn’t involved in putting together the resolution. “We did not draft this resolution; we did not introduce this resolution. We made this decision when it came up for a vote,” Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, said Friday in a statement. Meanwhile, Israel indicated it’s going to flout the UN resolution and go ahead with plans for thousands of new homes in East Jerusalem, per the New York Times. “Israel is a country with national pride, and we do not turn the other cheek,” Netanyahu said Monday.

Wait!  There is proof?  And how did you come by this “proof”?  Are you spying on your best friend?

Is that a foot sticking out of your mouth?  Need a little hot sauce for that shoe?

Please BiBi…keep talking…..


28 thoughts on “Keep Talking You Dumbass

  1. Samantha Power?
    Wot a mouth!
    It Is All A Game……just a game….where the people are the target.
    This About Says it all really..

    Continuous wars….we had better get used to it….

  2. Yeah.. I thought the same thing when I first heard about all this “proof”.. and thinking, is he spying on us? Well, it’s a given everyone spies back and forth… so that’s not really new.. but being public about it is a bit much. I tend to agree with you on this, chuq. Funny how there’s been all this conflict in the Mid-East in recent years and Israel’s role seems to be on the sidelines.. which, ok.. but why is Netanyahu making such a big stink when given all the conflict there seems to have been nothing happening directly against Israel? The Arab World has been essentially consuming themselves. Maybe that’s the whole point.. no one has been paying attention to Israel lately… so they are like a little kid, screaming for attention.

    1. Israel is making a case for a stronger BDS movement… he has been saddling up to countries like Qatar, Saudi and UAE with the hopes that they will side with him when push comes to shove…playing the long gamae as it were….Israel could have a peaceful tomorrow by stopping the settlements…the Pals would be open to more talks….but he wants to thump his chest like a sex crazed primate…

      1. Israel has connections with the Saudi going back a long way…blood lines, look it up.
        damm I wish people would do more research… the by it is rumoured that the very dangerous & vile man Soros is backing BDS & black lives matter as well…divide & rule is the name of the game…Israel is ( & the neo cons,not forgetting the born again) behind most of it…but then again don’t believe me do your research The Tri Lateral Commission (utube) Been going since the 2nd world war & before…history that one is not taught in school…only the propaganda b/s and mugs fall for it. Playing the long game is right.
        thanx chuq…

      1. I do wonder how we are gonna get out of this mess…that Norman Dodd u tube I sent u mentions the antisemite label He is dead now…one of those men who had old fashioned morals ..rare breed these days it seems.

      2. By the by…settlers are still coming into Israel from the UK…a 2 state solution in my opinion will never work…tear down that bloody wall & let people be…like it was years ago.

  3. meant to say the jewish/zio lobby is running this country much like yours & most of the world it seems….
    still we keep on exposing it here but to what avail?
    Corbyn,meanwhile has no chance against them….good man though…

  4. After reading this one with the current words from the involved parties, then, reading the comments, it took me a while to think it all over, to find the proper words, which I found, naturally, in the most basic conclusions we can interpret about it all in regards human nature, and the nature of reality.

    Simply, humans have proven throughout history they will choose to believe anything if it supports their own desires. When considering reality, this comes into natural conflict, for it does not exist as illusion; to believe in what is essentially a delusion, of being “chosen” by a supernatural entity, giving them the right to discriminate against any other life form they decide is not so blessed. Any refinement of the original delusion removes itself further away from reality, thus ensuring the eventual outcome can be nothing, other than another delusion…

    As you may guess, reality always wins, and things are not boding well for either the chosen, or the unchosen, since it is all, in its most basic sense, insanity…based on false interpretations of reality, and the ability of humans to affect its actual course… which can only come with understanding the connection that exists between all life forms, not merely one species, or one tribe of one species, and how they fit into the rest of what is real, not imagined….

    gigoid, the dubious

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