Horse meat found in meatballs sold by IKEA……thinking……IKEA?  Do you have to assemble them or what?

Anyway we have heard all about the horse meat scandal in Europe….all the outrage….all the yukky feelings…..all the news…..but wait!

If you don’t want to eat horse, you might want to drop the chalupa. The great European horse meat scandal has spread to Taco Bell, with British regulators revealing today that they found horse meat at the chain’s UK locations. That, it turns out, puts the Bell in pretty elite company; of the 1,797 meat samples regulators tested from across the country, only four came up positive, including Birds Eye ready meals and Brakes skewers, which had already been implicated, Reuters reports. Taco Bell has just three outlets in the UK. The company released a statement stressing that the contaminated meat came from a single supplier in Europe, and noting, “We immediately withdrew ground beef from sale in our restaurants, discontinued purchase of that meat, and contacted the Food Standards Agency.” But the news comes at an inconvenient time for parent company Yum Brands, which just this week announced it was tightening safety standards after its Chinese KFC restaurants had a contaminated chicken scare.

Consumers are appalled… could this happen?

With Nestle stung by the horse-meat scandal, you may wonder whether unwanted cheval has reached your dinner table. Federal US regulators say it’s unlikely, because domestic suppliers don’t slaughter horses and Washington doesn’t allow imported beef from European countries affected by the scandal, reports NBC News. That said, a Florida supplier of horse-meat tests has been swamped by nearly 1,000 orders—including some from big US meat producers. Behind this lies America’s little-known taste for horse meat. Nearly 20 slaughterhouses once produced it, and three were still operating when Congress, spurred by anti-slaughter activists, effectively outlawed it by nixing funds for USDA inspections. But the Obama administration quietly let it resume, in part due to poor treatment of horses. “There are plenty of people in America who have no problem with cheval and are anxiously awaiting our product,” says a Wyoming state rep. Another angle on the story: A German lawmaker says food tainted with horse meat should be given to the poor, and an evangelical priest is backing him up, reports the BBC.

This is all so amusing….humans have been eating horse meat for centuries…..but now we are too good…..too civilized…..too evolved for the consuming of horse flesh…….right?

Maybe not so evolved.

What timing: With Europe trying to rein in a horse meat scandal, the US may give the green light to a horse slaughtering plant in New Mexico. The facility, which would produce horse meat that’s safe to eat, could get Agriculture Department approval within the next two months, the New York Times reports. The production of US horse meat for humans requires USDA inspection—and the department hasn’t offered the service since 2007, after a move by Congress prohibited the USDA from funding such inspections. As such, the meat hasn’t been processed here since 2007—but the financing ban expired in 2011. A USDA rep says the White House wants Congress to renew it, and the Humane Society, citing issues with horse drug treatments, is calling on the USDA to hold off on approving such facilities. But Valley Meat, which owns the New Mexico plant, sued the USDA in 2012 over the lack of inspections; it’s one of “several” companies calling for the inspections to be relaunched. A lawyer for Valley Meat says he was told by the Justice Department that the USDA intends to issue a grant of inspection within 60 days. The Times notes that the company does not intend to sell its meat in the US.

It amuses me how the media just has to drive the cycle… is only news when they say it is news…..

Addendum:  Since I wrote this draft IKEA has been hit with food poisoning in the chocolate cake…..first, that has got to be sacrilegious….and second, when did IKEA begin selling food?


4 thoughts on “WTF?

    1. Larry, when I lived in Spain I ate horse meat, it was cheaper and not bad tasting……a little strong smell when cooking but not bad…..of course that was before globalization and I do not know about it now….this is just a silly news item.IMHO……

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