Is There A Media Free Ride?

This has been accused of the MSM by the Clinton camp, that Obama is getting a free ride and that they are hard on Clinton. It is not fair, according to Wolfson. I feel everybody tearing up! Please people do not by this bovine fecal matter!

The accusation must have done something. Ever since the statement was made, Obama has been hammered in the media. The MSM is getting tougher on Obama. I guess it does do some good to bitch and whine.

Recently, the MSM has been running lots of stories on Obama’s substance, most are negative stories or those to help sway voters away from him and his positions. For instance, after he swept the Potomac primaries by double digits, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews when interviewing a Obama support, did not talk about the election but rather wanted to know what successes Obama has had in the Congress. He did not want to talk about the wins in the elections, he wanted to attack and embarrass the guest. Have never seen this tactic used on Clinton.

Then Joe Scarborough, of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, attacks Michelle Obama for her comment that she was “really proud of her country”. Joe made it a direct point with emphasis, that he was appalled that she had never been proud of the US until now. It was a matter of preception on her comment, but he had to attack. It seems to be a trend in the MSM.

But wait! It is not over yet! Then there was the accusation of plagiarism by Obama of a speech that the MA governor had used. But not much was said that the man is a co-chair of Obama’s campaign and told him to use it in a speech. But yet, little was said in the media about Clinton’s warm fuzzy at the end of the last debate, which was words used by her hubby and Edwards in past speeches.

All this has been in the last 7 to 10 days, so why is the media kowtowing to the Clintons? Are the Clintons controlling what the media reports? Or could it be that they were told that they would no longer have access to the candidate if things did not change? Whatever it was has worked. The media has zeroed in on Obama and the hatchet job is in play.

Personally, I feel that both candidates have gotten a free ride. They are allowed to present political rhetoric as answers to specific questions. Just watch debates, the candidates are NEVER made to answer a specific question but rather allowed to spout campaign fecal matter. The voter does not get a realistic answer to help them decidewho to vote for in the next primary.

The voter deserves proper answers to the questions. A stump speech is not a proper answer. From where I sit, the media is not working in the best interest of the TRUTH. And it appears that they are doing their part to assist the Clintons at every turn.


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