China’s Foreign Policy

Oh boy this post ought to get the opposition juices flowing.

Some predict that we are inching closer to an all out war with China (some want it to be with Russia)….to understand China’s outlook to foreign policy one should actually know what their policy is and why….

China’s orchestration of the renewal of diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia should be a wakeup call to the Biden administration’s national security team, particularly to Antony Blinken’s Department of State. China’s success exposes flaws in American national security policy, particularly the policy of nonrecognition as well as the reliance on the use of military force to achieve gains in international politics. Our instruments of power are not working.

Mao Zedong often cited a Chinese proverb from the Han Dynasty that “No matter if it is a white cat or a black cat; as long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat.” Deng Ziaoping cited this proverb to justify radical changes in domestic policy. Xi Jinping has implicitly put this aphorism to work in national security relations by maintaining the importance of correct political relations with all countries regardless of their ideological orientation. As a result, China has stable relations with most of its friends and adversaries.

Conversely, for the past century, the United State has obtusely relied on a policy of non-recognition of countries that Washington simply didn’t favor for idealogical reasons. The Soviet Union had to wait for 16 years to gain recognition from the United States, which ultimately required President Roosevelt’s understanding of the futility of ignoring the Kremlin at a time when allies were going to be needed against the dangerous new leadership in Germany. The role of the Soviet Union in World War II was central to the allied victory. Three-fourths of the German army were concentrated on the eastern front.

China’s Foreign Policy: Lessons for the United States

On the foreign policy front….this is the full text of the peace proposal for the Ukraine conflict….I have read many condemnations of the Chinese proposal….and yet few have actually read the proposal…. but that is normal lots of opinions with actually no information other than hatred for one side or the other.

The US is concerned over the China proposal…..there is a concern that the world will become war weary and approve of the Chinese proposal.

Now I pause for the inevitable condemnation…blah, blah, blah.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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13 thoughts on “China’s Foreign Policy

  1. Nobody need condemn you for your opinions about the Chinese Peace proposal because you are as entitled to your opinion and are those who oppose the Chinese Peace proposal. But in the end, like all the stuff I write, none of anybody’s observations are anything other than opinions and opinions are a dime a dozen. I want to see the outcome. I could care less about all the blah blah blah that comes from all the speculators .. and I include myself ion that bunch as well. I am nothing but an amateur speculator who writes a blog about politics and other things and my “About me” page tells people to take anything I write witjh tongue in cheek. China will do what China will do — and it will ultimately be evil — and America will do what America always does and I will support her because I am a veteran and I took a sworn oath to uphold The United States and to protect Her from all enemies, foreign and domestic. My country for better or for worse, God bless her and, if it comes down to it, pass the ammunition.

    1. I took the oath as well and I still live by that creed…..I am more concerned with domestic threats than I am China right now. chuq

  2. Whatever the merits of the peace proposal, it will depend on complete acceptance by both sides involved in the current conflict. Sadly, I fear that is highly unlikely.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Well, it’s a nice and tidy list, that’s about the extent of it’s value. Item #1 is a non-starter until/unless Russian forces withdraw from the Ukrainian territory that it invaded. Full stop.

    1. Good point….but a look beyond that point and there is room for more negotiations at least try to find a ceasefire point…..I know all too well that many think that it will not be enough. With that I disagree. chuq

  4. I fear the US and Europe are going to be strangled economically by this Russia, China, Iran, et. al. alliance and we will suffer very drastic impositions giving us a very very reduced standard of living including shortages and no inventory at all of the products we take for granted.

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