MLK,Jr Day–2017

Closing Thought–16Jan17

I have been trying for a week to come up with a really good tribute to the man, Martin Luther king, Jr,……I went through a ream of paper taking notes and writing drafts and in all that time I could write the perfect Tribute to a man that means so much to so many….

As a veteran of the Vietnam War I was impressed with his speech against that war and the others to come……

One of the greatest speeches by Martin Luther King, Jr., “A Time to Break Silence,” was delivered at Riverside Church, New York City, on April 4, 1967. It is a statement against war in principle, in the same sense in which King’s “Letter from Birmingham City Jail,” published four years earlier, had been a statement against social injustice in principle. Yet like that extraordinary earlier appeal, “A Time to Break Silence” is also addressed to the evils of a particular time and place. It protests the command and deployment by Lyndon Johnson of almost unlimited violence against the people and the land of Vietnam for the declared purpose of protecting them from the menace of world communism.

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Source: Martin Luther King’s Speech Against the Vietnam War – by David Bromwich

This speech as so many of his talked to the people and the times…..I am sure there are others that meant much to other people…..below is a link to all of his speeches and stuff……

Source: Martin Luther King Speeches – I Have A Dream Speech and other great, famous speeches by Dr. King

This great man deserves all the recognition the country can offer…..he has gone down in history as a great civil rights activist and a great humanitarian.

His memory will live on!

On that note I close down for the day….enjoy your day and be safe…..chuq

The Veterans Are Coming!

The protests around the DAPL have been going on now for months…the NAs are trying to protect their land from a pipeline and the reactions by the company and the government have been anything but civil…the use of dogs, rubber bullets, gas, water on cold days….etc etc….

The news has come out that there is a contingent of veterans heading to North Dakota in support of the protesters…..

The thousands of protesters already camped out in defiance of the Dakota Access Pipeline are about to get reinforcements in the form of hundreds of veterans, Stars and Stripes reports. As many as 2,000 vets will arrive in North Dakota on Sunday with the goal of “protecting the protesters,” Marine Corps veteran Anthony Diggs says. “There is a lot of power in veterans from all over, from all branches of the military, coming together to create a protecting front against the police, who are militarized themselves,” he says. But the vets aren’t just bringing symbolism; they’ve raised around half a million dollars to help protesters get through the winter and are bringing supplies, lawyers, and more.

The vets are expected to arrive the day before the Army Corp of Engineers had ordered protesters to abandon their camp on federal land. But while the Army Corps has since said it won’t force protesters off the land, North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple issued an “emergency evacuation” of the camp Monday in the face of an oncoming blizzard, Reuters reports. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe says it has no plans to move, and its chairman points out it’s ironic that Dalrymple is suddenly concerned about cold protesters days after police sprayed them with fire hoses. Contrary to previous reports, Dalrymple won’t block food and supplies from getting to protesters as part of the evacuation, according to the AP. A spokesperson says that had been “misconstrued.”

If I were in charge I would put the vets camp between the military force and the NAs….

Source: Video Archive – Veterans Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

I wish I were younger…I traveled to Wounded Knee in 1973 but was detained before I could make it to the Rez…..

Hopefully the assistance will be useful……maybe the thugs will show more respect to the vets than they have shown to the NAs……but my guess is ….NO!

Let’s Blame Lefties

I apologize to my international readers that have come to expect my foreign policy posts…I will return to those soon….but right now there is so much going on in American politics I feel I need to add my voice.

I know that everyone has seen the street protests that have been all over the TV……for one they are not pros that are doing this……second, everyone is concerned….but where was all that concern when the DNC robbed Bernie on a fair primary season?  Where?

Now there is a large population that is butt hurt by the result of the election and soon they will start blaming someone for their ignorance…..

STOP! whining….I mean when 49% of the voting age adults vote what can you expect….but then Americans are good at hindsight and bitching…..and learn nothing in the end.

More than likely it will be the “Lefties” that will get the call…..pure and total CRAP!

I would like to see the mental midgets on the Right learn the difference between a “Lefty” and a Democrat….regardless of what their tiny minds think…they are NOT the same thing.

I am a Lefty and that does NOT mean that I am a Democrat….so do not blame me or any “Lefty” that voted their principles……….it is not our fault that others could not bring themselves to do the same…….

As we witness the post mortem of this troubling election, you can bet that pretty soon, someone soon is going to blame the Left – the hardcore progressives and young Independents who rallied around Bernie – for the result.

In 2000, Al Gore embraced “Free Trade” and international trade pacts that gave corporations power over sovereign nations. Gore supported space-based weapons and Capital Punishment. He was instrumental in crafting the Telecommunications bill that led to the media consolidation we have been seeing (and which made it easier for Rupert Murdoch to own newspapers and TV outlets in the same media markets). He picked one of the most right-wing Democratic senators as his running mate.

Source: Let’s Blame Lefties – LA Progressive

Another thing….STOP! using the word “change”!…..until you actually learn what it means.  You mean nothing by that overused term…. you mean nothing more than a change of your masters not actual change in the society or the system.

We Need Another “Bonus Army”

Today is Veterans Day…..we need to spend some time honoring those that gave their all for this country.

My regulars know that as a vet myself I am appalled at the treatment that our veterans are receiving from the country and the government.  Yes we hold them up as some sort of hero and then turn our backs on them as soon as the cameras are off….

They say that you can tell what kind of a country it is by the way they treat their veterans…..if that is true then this country is pathetic!

Since the government, all branches, have abandoned the vets it is time for them to act in their own behalf….

There has been a time when vets did what they had to do to get the government off their asses and to actually do something on their behalf…….the year is 1932…Washington D.C…….(and here is that historical perspective that has been missing)……

Six years after the end of World War I Congress enacted a bill that would reward veterans of the conflict a cash bonus for their service. However, the legislation stipulated that the veterans would not collect their bonus until 1945.

This delayed gratification was acceptable to the World War I veterans during the prosperous ’20s but the onslaught of the Great Depression changed their attitude. Out of work, destitute, and with families to feed, the veterans organized a march on Washington in May of 1932 to force Congress to immediately pay their bonus. An estimated 15,000 made their way to the nation’s capital and dubbed themselves the “Bonus Expeditionary Force.”

Using scrap wood, iron and any other loose materials they could find, the veterans set up ramshackle camps throughout the city. The largest housed an estimated 10,000 people. They waited in vain for Congress to act. On June 17 the Senate voted against the House-passed bill that would have given the Bonus Marchers immediate payment of their benefit.

Having no other place to go, the majority of the Bonus Army remained encamped in the city, despite the fact that Congress had adjourned for the summer. Finally, President Hoover ordered the Army to forcibly remove the veterans. On July 28 a force of tanks and cavalry under the command of General Douglas MacArthur stormed the camps and drove the veterans out. Their makeshift houses were then set ablaze.


Veterans stood up for themselves after the promises of the past went unfulfilled (sound familiar?)

It took that prick MacArthur to drop the hammer on people that served their country in its time of need……

Army Chief of Staff and Major General Douglas MacArthur watched a brigade of steel-helmeted soldiers precisely align themselves in a straight four-column phalanx, bayonets affixed to rifles. He nodded his head in satisfaction. Discipline was wonderful. Up ahead, Major George Patton kicked his heels against his mount, and the big horse reared forward to signal a line of cavalry. The riders drew their sabers, and the animals stepped out in unison, hoofs smacking loudly on the street. Five Renault tanks lurched behind. Seven-ton relics from World War I and presumably just for show, the old machines nonetheless left little doubt as to the seriousness of the moment. On cue, at about 4:30 p.m. on July 28, 1932, the infantry began a slow, steady march forward. Completing the surreal atmosphere, a machine gun unit unlimbered, and its crew busily set up.

This was no parade, although hundreds of curious office workers had interrupted their daily routines to crowd the sidewalk or hang out of windows along Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and the Capitol to see what would happen. Up ahead, a group of weary civilians, many dressed in rags and ill-fitting, faded uniforms, waited in anticipation amid their sorry camp of tents and structures made from clapboard and sheets of tin covered in tar paper. Some loitered in the street. They had heard something was afoot — expected it after what happened earlier. Now, a murmur rose from the camp crowd. Upon seeing the Army’s menacing approach, they were momentarily stunned, disbelieving.


These men set aside their politics and came together…..they showed the same respect to the government that had been shown to them…..very little.

Time for our modern day vets to ban together and invade DC and demand action on their behalf….they have had enough talk and bullshit….time to force politicians to show their true face…….time for action for action is…..NOW!

Tom Hayden—R.I.P.

Back in the days of my youth there were special people if you were into the protest scene…..Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and Tom Hayden…..among others.

It all began with the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and their Huron Statement and the movement ballooned from there…..into a nationwide protest against war….where have all the leaders gone?

They were the backbone of the anti-war activism…..we took our cue from their examples……slowly our “heroes” from those days are dying off and there seems to be NO one capable of taking their place as the leaders of a movement……

Sadly Tom Hayden has passed on….he will be missed…..

Famed ’60s anti-war activist Tom Hayden, whose name became forever linked with the celebrated Chicago 7 trial, Vietnam War protests, and ex-wife actress Jane Fonda, has died. He was 76. He died on Sunday after a long illness, said his wife, actress Barbara Williams, noting that he suffered a stroke in 2015. Hayden, once denounced as a traitor by his detractors, overcame his past and won election to the California Assembly and Senate, where he served for almost two decades as a progressive force on such issues as the environment and education. He was the only one of the radical Chicago 7 defendants to win such distinction in the mainstream political world, the AP reports.

In 1960, while a student at the University of Michigan, Hayden was involved in the formation of Students for a Democratic Society, then dedicated to desegregating the South. In 1968, he helped organize anti-war demonstrations during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago that turned violent and resulted in the notorious and circus-like Chicago 7 trial. Hayden and three others were convicted of crossing state lines to incite riot. The convictions were later overturned, and an official report deemed the violence “a police riot.” “Rarely, if ever, in American history has a generation begun with higher ideals and experienced greater trauma than those who lived fully the short time from 1960 to 1968,” he wrote in the essay “Streets of Chicago.” Read more about Hayden, who was married to Fonda for 17 years, here.

Good-bye old friend….Rest In Peace.

‘A Riot Is the Language of the Unheard’

As the weekend begins I find myself not seeing anything that I would call “cool” to post on…….so I will retreat into the world of illusion and crap….politics.

Cooler weather has finally shown up….perfect weather for taking it to the streets……..

I have been surfing some of those “other” sites….you know the ones….those that see “bad guys” behind every action….a bomb, a killing and riot…..most of them are feeding the hysteria of FEAR.

We have had a couple of years of “riots” over the killing of people……mostly black lives have been destroyed…..there is a wealth of blog posts that come down on the two sides …but few people are looking at the underlying situations.

We have heard all the analysis….mostly from people that have NO idea what is truly going on in the society as a whole….most of them view it from their position within it.

The problem is that the people that are rioting seem to believe that their voices mean nothing in this society….and of course when that is brought up we will hear the quotes from MLK, Jr……the problem is most of them a selective and tries to reinforce the “norm” in this society……but MLK had so much more to say…..

The words of the real MLK were far more radical than today’s cherry-picked lines.

The Martin Luther King Jr. who is cynically trotted out every time racial unrest erupts in our cities is the MLK who can be conveniently used to prop up the status quo. He is the MLK of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, ignoring the core root of an urban uprising and unable to recognize the intrinsically higher value of black lives over commercial property interests. He is the MLK reduced to “I Have A Dream,” used in conservative political ads to scare-monger about invading, job-stealing Mexican immigrants. He is the almost wholly fabricated MLK whom the modern GOP claims would today be one of their own, presumably standing alongside them as they vote against the poor, women and people of color at every opportunity.

Source: ‘A Riot Is the Language of the Unheard’: 9 MLK Quotes the Mainstream Media Won’t Cite | Alternet

Those critics all I can say to them as it must be lovely looking down on so many people that you have NO idea what they are going through.

What Became of the Left?

Ah sweet memories of youth.

Back in my younger days I was what one could call a radical….a child of the Left…..I was anti-war, anti-just about anything that wreaked of capitalism.

Now I am an old fart and way too old to do the things I did in my youth ….the protesting, the confrontations…..and since those days there is a nagging question that eats at me……where the Hell is the Left I knew?

In the years since my “retirement” from the movement this country has lost its will to attempt to make change…..the protests today have little to do with the war machine and its strangle hold on the government…

I read an article in the Unz Reader about this very thing…..(sometimes this site is a bit too Libertarian for me….but it makes good points at times)……

Acquaintances of my generation are puzzled by the disappearance of the American left. They remember when there was far less war, far less monopoly capitalist theft, a less rich and powerful elite, less police violence against civilians, less militarization, less privatization and deregulation, fewer attacks on the social safety net, less propaganda from the media, and yet, despite the milder state of affairs, the leftwing was present raising hell about it all.

For fifteen years, and more if we go back to the Clinton regime’s destruction of Yugoslavia, the US has been engaged in wars on populations in seven—eight counting Yugoslavia/Serbia—countries, causing millions of deaths, disabled, and dislocated peoples. A police state has been created, the US Constitution stripped of its protective features, and massive crimes committed under both US and international law by three administrations. These crimes include torture, transparant false flag events, naked aggression (a war crime), spying without warrants, and murder of US citizens. Yet, the leftwing’s voice is barely heard.

Source: What Became of the Left? – The Unz Review

The Left feel victim to the “charm” of the Clintons and it has lasted for a generation…..but thanx to the 2016 election there is a real possibility that the Left can be revived….wars are a way of life now and will become more so when the Clinton clan reoccupies the White House.

Time for a re-awakening of a movement for the Left and the antiwar movement.

Think Green as a beginning!