“Not All Nazis Were Bad”

This is for the ‘Can’t Fix Stupid’ files…..

Not my words but those of an Indiana politician……

There are multiple candidates running for seats on the Zionsville Community Schools Board of Trustees in Indiana, including Dr. Matt Keefer, an anesthesiologist who calls himself an independent option disliked by both “Republican leaders” and the “extreme left” due to his critical thinking and inability to “be controlled.” Pushback against him has reached new levels, however, after he recently defended some of the Nazis during World War II in comments under an online post, reports FOX59. The controversy started when Keefer, who runs on an anti- “wokeness” and “indoctrination” platform, was asked in a since-deleted Facebook thread if teachers asserting that the Tulsa Massacre was terrible, or that all Nazis were bad, would be considered “indoctrination,” in his eyes. Keefer’s response is what instantly raised eyebrows.

“All Nazis weren’t ‘bad,’ as you specify,” he told his questioner. “They did horrible things. They were in a group frenzy in both cases you site [sic]. Who is to say if we were both there in the same place and same time that we wouldn’t have done the same thing.” He added in a later post: “There were certainly evil Nazis. There were also good people who had to be Nazis (or they would have been killed).” Backlash against his remarks were swift. “When you hear statements like this, it diminishes the Holocaust, it diminishes the memory,” the head of the Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council tells FOX59. “This hurts so much inside.” “I just couldn’t fathom” what he wrote, a parent in the district tells WTHR, which notes that despite the outcry by many in the community, Keefer still has some supporters thanking him for his candor and “listening to the community.”

At any rate, Keefer doesn’t seem fazed by the commotion. In a post he has since taken down, per FOX59, he blamed the “far left” for attacking him and wrote, “I know haters gotta hate, so please continue spewing your taunts. I’m only getting stronger in the community!” In a longer post on Facebook Thursday, which remained up as of Friday morning, Keefer tripled down, stating, “A few days ago I made the comment ‘not all Nazis were bad’ … I am correct.” He added, though, that his argument contained “nuance,” and that “to be clear: I never was, am not now, and never will be a Nazi sympathizer.” Some of the comments under that post remained supportive, though one person wrote, “Not everyone in the drug cartels or mafia are bad people either.” WTHR rounds up statements from a few of Keefer’s rivals for the board over his remarks.

This is someone who could possibly decide what your children will learn….is that what you want them to learn the ‘not all Nazis were bad’?  And from a moron that slept through history class.

This country continues to slide and we are allowing it to slide down the toilet.  WHY?

I Read, I Write, You Know

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25 thoughts on ““Not All Nazis Were Bad”

  1. The reason we are allowing our country to slide down the toilet is because too many people are self-concerned, ignorant of facts, too lazy to learn, to willing to let other people do their thinking for them, too pampered, too willing to take their freedoms for granted … I could go on and on but what is the use? It is happening and there isn’t much any of us are going to do about it except to complain. The steamroller is coming and he is evil and his name is Republican.

  2. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    Who is Dr. Matt Keefer? I don’t know, and I don’t have much interest in defending him. I am just disappointed how little it takes to set off the instinct to form a mob and hang someone. Apparently, as Lobotero’s post indicates, Keefer doesn’t hate Nazis enough.

    We are always proclaiming we know the reason our country is going down the toilet. Do I know it? I can only guess that whether our country going down the toilet. If we are headed down that stinky drain, I suspect the reason is that so many in our country insist that other people think and do exactly like “me.” Ironically, that is what is wrong with Nazis and Communists.

    Contrary to what some think, Communists are just as horrid as Nazis. It just so happens that we fought on the same side as the Communists in WWII. So, with respect to the Communists, we are less inclined towards some idiotic ideological purity that says all Nazis are utterly and absolutely evil. Yet many more people have died in Communist purges.

    As I said, I have not got a clue who Dr. Matt Keefer happens to be, but if the quotes in this post are all it takes to rile people, then those people have a problem, not Keefer.

    What should our forefathers have done after WWII, exterminated the entire population of Germany? Didn’t just about all the German people help Hitler’s regime during the war? To do otherwise was almost certain death. Germany had a police state. What do we think police states do?

    Consider the cancel culture and how little it takes to intimidate most Americans. The Nazis and the Communists operated police states. They did not stop at intimidation. They sent their enemies — people who refuse to think like them and obey the regime — to concentration camps to die. Of course, the people who operate the drug cartels are no better; they torture and murder whoever gets in their way.

    If we lose our constitutional republic, we risk rule by people with the morals of Nazis, Communists, terrorists, drug/human trafficking/gun runners and other such criminal gangs. Those criminals will seduce our children to obey them, or they will kill them. They will kill anyone who doesn’t obey them. And how will they know whether we are willing to obey? That will take more than stupid masks and occasionally lethal vaccines. Heaven help anyone who is given a choice between working at a concentration camp or being sent to die in one.

      1. The argument is about who we think is responsible for our constitutional republic being in trouble.

        Here are some questions for you, something that may help to clarify the issue.
        1. What is a constitutional republic, and why do we have a constitutional republic instead of a democracy.
        2. What is a living constitution? Do we have a living constitution?
        3. Why did the framers of the constitution divide power into so many different offices? Why did they include multiple checks and balances in our government. That includes explaining why we have a federation instead of one all-powerful central government?
        4. Have we perverted the government the framers created. If so, how have we perverted the original intent of the framers.?

      2. No living constitution it is set in stone until we try to change it. The framers set it up to be as it is…a slow process to change anything. It is just as the framers wanted….it has been perverted by both parties that find ways to circumvent.

        What has any of this to do with the Nazi thing? chuq

      3. What has any of this to do with the Nazi thing? chuq

        When our only argument is name calling, we don’t have a defendable position. Then we either have to admit we are wrong or personally attack our opponent.

        Is everyone someone wants to call a Nazi evil? How do we know?

        Is someone evil just because they don’t think all the people someone may want to label a Nazi evil evil? No? Then why do it?

        Liberal Democrats and their news media allies spend too much time name calling instead of discussing the issues. That indicates they don’t want to discuss the issues.

        Example: The expression “living constitution” is an oxymoron. The whole point of a constitution is that we can use it to hold those in power accountable. The only way we can use our constitution to hold those in power accountable is the uphold the original intent of the people who wrote it. Hence the expression “living constitution” is an oxymoron. Unfortunately, the fact that the expression “living constitution” is an oxymoron only becomes obvious after we give the matter the serious thought a thoughtful discussion requires.

        President Biden is governing using executive fiats. No doubt Biden is a fan of the living constitution.

        Student loan forgiveness is just the latest obvious example Biden’s executive fiats. In addition to refusing to enforce laws already in the book (our border crisis, for example), Biden is making up his own spending legislation and laws.

        Do Liberal Democrats want to discuss and defend what Biden is doing? No. They would rather label MAGA Republicans white supremacists and terrorists. Meanwhile, Biden is falling asleep in the middle of interviews, and we can only guess who is actually making decisions in the White House.

      4. First I discuss the policies. Then I point out that someone who consistently advocates socialist policies is a Socialist, and that is name calling? Bernie Sanders calls himself a Democratic Socialist, and Hillary Clinton competed with Sanders to be more “progressive.” And I have to defend that?

        Meanwhile, every time a Republican complains about Democrat POLICIES, that Republican is labeled a racist or some such nonsense.

        Socialism does not work as advertised, and people are starting to figure it out.

      5. So because someone else does it you feel that you can to as well….anyone that equates Dems with socialists and communist has the IQ the same as their hat size. Why are you so afraid of Dems? Peddling fear does nothing to clarify the policies. Before I get another demand from you….I covered why I think the policies are authoritarian. chuq

      6. All you are doing is throwing up a continual cloud of accusations, trying to make me defend myself. I am just asking you to debate policies.

        Where have you covered why you think what policies are authoritarian?

  3. Consider this first: “If we lose our constitutional republic, we risk rule by people with the morals of Nazis, Communists, terrorists, drug/human trafficking/gun runners and other such criminal gangs.” NOW CONSIDER THIS THE MOST ….”If the Republicans gain control of the government in 2022 and 2024 this risk of rule by people with the aforementioned morals will no longer be a risk … it will be reality!

      1. By the way, Chuq, there are some people on these websites whose only objective is to try to get emotional responses out of us .. they are not worth the time of day much less a reply to their endless ridiculous arguments.

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