Raid Makes Him Stronger

Over 300 classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago…..

The latest New York Times story about the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid revolves around a key number: 300. As in, that’s how many classified documents the government has retrieved in total from former President Trump since he left office. The first was a batch of 150 recovered by the National Archives from Trump’s Florida estate early in the year, followed by a second set turned over by Trump aides in June. The number of sensitive documents in play after these first two retrievals “ignited intense concern at the Justice Department” and prompted the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago this month, during which another 11 boxes of classified material was retrieved.

The Times account is the most specific to date on the volume of classified documents Trump took with him from the White House, some of which had the highest level of classification. Trump’s defenders have made the case that he had standing orders to declassify any such documents. The Times story doesn’t have much new on the types of documents retrieved, though previous reports have said agents were particularly concerned about nuclear information. On Monday, Trump’s eldest son joked about that while ridiculing the search itself.

“By the way, for the record, I’d say that if Donald Trump actually still had the nuclear codes, it’d probably be good,” Donald Trump Jr. said at a campaign rally for Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, per HuffPost. “Our enemies might actually be like, ‘OK, maybe let’s not mess with them,’ unlike when they look at Joe Biden and they say, ‘You know what? We should attack now.’”

The documents could signal criminal activity….and that should saw the people to realize what he has done and is possibly doing… would think, right?

If so then you are badly mistaken.

By now we all know of the FBI raid on the Trump property in Florida… have your opinion and I have mine……all that aside it seems that the raid, just before an election, has done the opposite of what you may think…..Trump has gotten stronger….

After the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago earlier this month, the walls may feel like they’re closing in on former President Trump, at least from a legal standpoint. In the court of public opinion with fellow Republicans, however, that search may have helped to give Trump a boost, at least according to one new survey. An NBC News poll released Sunday, which surveyed respondents Aug. 12-16 (i.e., after the FBI visit to Mar-a-Lago), asked GOP voters if they considered themselves more supporters of Trump or of the Republican Party. When the same question was asked back in May, 34% picked Trump over party, with 58% choosing the GOP. This time around, the Trump-leaning figure jumped to 41%, while those picking the Republican Party fell to 50%.

Per Axios, other polls have been showing Trump gaining ground in recent weeks on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who’d previously been “surging in key states.” A June poll out of the University of New Hampshire, for example, showed the two men statistically tied for the GOP nomination in that state. However, a poll released by New Hampshire’s Saint Anselm College last week showed GOP voters preferred Trump over DeSantis 50% to 29%. This is all now leading some “Never Trump” GOP strategists to express concern over how the FBI search might have tipped the scales in Trump’s favor, at least in terms of Republican sentiment. In fact, one source said to be close to Trump tells Axios that fundraising after the Aug. 8 search has been “yuge.”

The NBC poll wasn’t all bad news for Dems, especially regarding how they’ve closed the enthusiasm gap: Although 68% of Republicans said they were highly interested in the midterms, Dems came in close behind at 66%, per NBC. Contrast that 2-point gap with the 8-point gap in May, still in the favor of GOP voters, and the even bigger 17-point gap in March. And last week, the Washington Post‘s Philip Bump analyzed a YouGov poll conducted for the Economist that didn’t seem to show a “a virulent pro-Trump surge.” But Axios notes that the NBC poll’s stats on how Republicans feel about Trump after the raid may signify a “Republican mindset of ‘the more “they” hate him, the more I love him’—an effect Trump instinctively recognizes and exploits.”

Although we have NO official statement from the Trump camp on running in 2024….this should give them a bit more confidence in the next general election.

Scared yet?

Any thoughts on this possibility?

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23 thoughts on “Raid Makes Him Stronger

  1. I think it will be just the initial bump after what many (even non-cultists) thought was Federal overreach.

    I believe that once the true scope of his crimes become better known, we’ll see that support dwindle back to just the hard core cultists.

    1. I am beginning to doubt that…look at Gaetz being investigated of sex crimes and yet he gets voted in (again)….if Trumpsters do not care about sex offenders then Trump gets a free ride as well chuq

      1. Trumpsters are the cultists. I don’t factor them in at all, they’re the look-aid drinkers. I was referring to Republicans who may or may not support Trump, but certainly not with the same adultulating zealotry.

        Funny how both are ‘Florida man’……

      2. The problem is those creeps that support Donald the Orange vote… many GOPers are sane these days? LOL chuq

  2. I am never going to be able to shake the suspicion that this entire fiasco ..FBI scene, raid and all .. was orchestrated somehow by Trump himself to achieve the very “Boost” in his “Poor Little Victim of the big bad establishment” personna that you suggested and, in connection to all this, my mind is conjuring images of the burning of the Reichstag. Different era, similar popularity problems. Remember that he has always considered himself to be a “Stable Genius.” I think this is all his handiwork created to draw sympathy and support to himself.

      1. A person has to have a “Mind” in order to have a strategic goal working in it. Trump does not strategize, he follows orders from somebody …probably someone he admires a whole lot … someone who sends him love letters … someone who he calls “Smart.” Of course every word of what I just wrote is entirely my own opinion and might not have an ounce of fact about it

      2. You are very perceptive. I have always suspected that there might have been some puppet work going on between lovers here …

  3. I tend to agree with John on this, and sense a well-planned conspiracy. I think if he runs again, he might win. Especially as the Democrats have nobody with the fire in the belly to oppose him.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    After years of persecution by the FBI and other Federal security agencies, instead assuming Donald Trump did anything wong, most people now just conclude that Democrats are at it again. Democrats diehards (including those in the news media) and Trump haters won’t give up.

    Check out the comments too. The comments induce both jawdropping and eye rolling.

  5. This event certainly has created a lot of self-appointed Declassification experts though. Who don’t really know anything about classified information….but I guess that’s to be expected of any political news story.

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