Shall We Talk?

Over the weekend a group of people held and meeting and issued a statement for Russia and Ukraine…..

A group of international progressives on Friday released a declaration demanding an urgent withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine, a global end to “rampant militarism,” and the forging of a collaborative movement to ensure lasting peace and a planet safe from climate catastrophe.

The Athens Declaration was unveiled at a press conference in the Greek capital by Turkish author Ece Temelkuran; British Member of Parliament and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn; and former Greek finance minister and leader of the MeRA25 party Yanis Varoufakis. The three are all Progressive International council members.

“Our purpose here,” said Corbyn, “is to bring about.. a voice for peace.”

To be honest the two warring sides have been in talks….most have been fruitless for neither side is willing to give an inch to save a mile…..

But now after all the early chest thumping Zelensky has issued a call for talks between him and Putin….

“I am ready to speak with Putin, but only with him, without his intermediaries and on the terms of dialogue, and not ultimatums,” said the Ukrainian president.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Thursday that he is prepared to hold direct talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin amid mounting fears that Moscow’s invasion and the West’s response have spiraled into a dangerous proxy war between nuclear-armed powers.

“We must find an agreement,” Zelenskyy said in an interview with an Italian media outlet as deadly ground fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces continues to intensify.

Ukrainian and Western officials claimed Friday that Russian troops have begun pulling back from Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, as Moscow focuses its assault on the eastern part of the country.

Zelenskyy stressed Thursday that while he is ready for talks with Putin—who has thus far declined calls for face-to-face negotiations—he would not accept “ultimatums” from the Russian side.

“As president, I am ready to speak with Putin, but only with him, without his intermediaries and on the terms of dialogue, and not ultimatums,” Zelenskyy said.

Why now?  I ask.

Could it be that the US well is running dry…Zelensky has sucked that teat dry.

Or could there be another reason?


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14 thoughts on “Shall We Talk?

  1. Putin is going to take zero notice of that ‘declaration’. He is getting like Hitler, in 1945. Moving divisions that don’t exist, and only being told good news by his sycophantic generals. I worry that might send him completely delusional.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Agree with Pete’s remarks. Especially that he “is getting like Hitler.” Scary!

  3. Everybody knows that no amount of talking is going to accomplish anything unless Zelenskyy agrees to every single demand that Russia makes with no conditions. Zelensky should be smart enough to know that any talks he has with Russia will be nothing but ultimatums. The West should wake up and see the folly of their ways too but I am not holding my breath on that one either.

      1. Can you blame him, really? I got the impression originally that you wanted him to engage in more diplomacy.

      2. I did and why now? He has helped destroy Ukraine and now he wants to talk…..think of the lives and destruction he could have prevented. chuq

  4. Russian body bags are the only impetus for Putin to negotiate…….maybe. And that count will be high…..deservedly so. Ukraine has shown that there is a very real chance that an autocrat and his toy soldiers, in the 21st century, can be roundly embarrassed.

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