More Money And Even More Money

I have been ranting about the amount of money that the president and Congress has been throwing at Ukraine….especially now when there are so many Americans that are struggling to survive….but it matters not.

This is more previous post about the cash we are throwing…..

More Money….More Money….More Money

It is never enough Biden is asking for even more cash to aid Ukraine…..

President Biden asked Congress for $33 billion for the new Ukraine aid package, but congressional Democrats ramped it up to $39.8 billion. The package includes $11 billion in presidential drawdown authority, which allows President Biden to send Ukraine military equipment from US stockpiles.

The aid also includes $6 billion in Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative funding, which enables the US government to buy weapons from arms makers and send them to Ukraine. The Pentagon will receive $8.7 billion to replenish weapons stockpiles that have been to Ukraine, and $3.9 billion to pay for troop deployments in Eastern Europe.

In March, $13.6 billion for Ukraine aid was included in a spending bill signed by President Biden. The new $39.8 billion plan will bring total US aid for Ukraine in 2022 alone to over $53 billion. To put the enormous figure into perspective, Russia’s entire military budget for 2021 was estimated to be about $65.9 billion.


The measure passed in a vote of 368-57, with only Republicans voting against the bill. The legislation now moves to the Senate, which could hold a vote this week.


And this must been done by 19 May….according to the admin…..

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have urged Congress to pass additional funding for Ukraine aid by May 19 as President Biden is close to exhausting funds that allow him to send weapons to Kyiv.

Austin and Blinken told House and Senate leadership in a letter obtained by The Hill that the administration needs more money by May 19 “if we are to continue are [sic] security assistance at the current pace.”

As part of a $13.6 billion Ukraine aid package passed in March, $3.5 billion went towards a presidential drawdown authority, enabling Biden to send arms from US military stockpiles. Biden recently signed off on a $150 million arms package for Ukraine and has about $100 million left from the drawdown funds.

“In short, we need your help. The ability to draw upon existing DoD stocks has been a critical tool in our efforts to support the Ukrainians in their fight against Russian aggression, allowing us to quickly source equipment and ensure a sustained flow of security assistance to Ukraine,” Blinken and Austin wrote.


The urgency seems to be the panic the admin is feeling for they fear the purse strings will be cut and their handlers in the industry will retaliate at election time.

I have stated many times….help Ukraine but not when the help hurts American families….but since those families do NOT have a lobbyist then their plight is of no importance.

They, Congress, should be ashamed of themselves….they turn their backs on the American people all in the name of the bribes (oh my bad….donations) they get every election.

As usual it is all about the cash not the country.

When is enough enough?

At what point do the American people start questioning the decisions of our Congress?

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4 thoughts on “More Money And Even More Money

  1. We also have a government here telling us they can do nothing to help poor people who are using food banks to survive, yet that same government is giving billions in aid to Ukraine. It seems that most NATO countries (except Germany) care more about a proxy war against Russia than they do about their own working people.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. All this smokes my stack…from the Navy to the F-35…..wasted money and we continue to allow it to go on……how many children should go hungry or elder die from lack of health care before we all open our eyes? chuq

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