Saturday’s News Dump

The Ukraine conflict has moved many slow moving news stories to the back page…..this is just my way to show that there is still news…..just not the news that the MSM finds marketable…..

During the Olympics I wrote about the cross country skier and his bout with a ‘frozen penis’…..

Closing Thought–23Feb22

The question was asked….Is this dangerous?

A frozen penis is a rare side effect of sport, but for athletes at the Winter Olympics, it seems nothing’s off the cards. A recent race at the Beijing Games ended in exactly that for a cross country skier, who survived freezing winds and was eventually able to regain feeling, only to be rewarded with terrible pain.

The unfortunate incident occurred during what was meant to be the men’s 50 kilometer mass start skiing race. It had been delayed for fears the weather was getting a little nippy even for winter sports, but eventually went ahead at a shorter distance of 30 kilometers.

Perhaps not quite such a torturous test of endurance as the original race length, but it proved to be a challenge for heat-sensitive penises all the same.

Cross country skier Remi Lindholm, representing Finland, perhaps felt this more so than anyone, speaking candidly of the grueling experience:

AS a former cross country skier I never thought about this…..but now……

The newest trend of ‘plant-based’ anything…..but what about us meat eaters?

The newest trend in-waiting….cell cultured beef…..

“We are changing the paradigm. We are detaching the meat from the animal.” Of course, that is essentially what butchers have always done, but it carries different meaning coming from Dr. Uma Valeti, cardiologist and cofounder of Upside Foods, a prototype lab/restaurant specializing in cell-cultured chicken. New York Times food writer Kim Severson’s taste review was ambiguous. “I sampled a slightly grainy chicken pâté,” she writes. “Generous seasoning masked the flavor of the meat.” However, professional tasters and other panelists in this YouTube of the “World’s First Cultivated Meat Blind Tasting” were fooled by the taste, texture, and smell. One called it “a historical moment.”

Still, it is downright hard to make it sound appealing. That has been a core problem for tissue engineers and their marketing teams ever since the “Burger Professor” of Maastricht University introduced a patty grown from cow stem cells in 2013. His $375,000 price tag was another problem at the time. Costs are way down now, but production remains relatively flat on a global scale. Singapore is the only country to grant regulatory approval. The FDA is writing rules. Global investors are not waiting, however, including ADM, which bet $347 million recently and happened to change its motto to “Unlocking Nature, Enriching Life.” Analysts with McKinsey say the industry could grow to $25 billion by 2030 (compared to $1.4 trillion for the meat industry).

In an interview with Modern Farmer,investor Rahim Rajwani of Atelier Meats remains confident, saying, “I think the ick factor goes away strictly through education and, ultimately, through taste profile.” The biggest selling point involves the enormous environmental impact of the actual meat industry, which accounts for 60 % of greenhouse gas emissions from food production, per the Guardian. That is why investors are betting on cell-cultured meat, but not everyone is eager to give up the traditional approach to “detaching the meat from the animal.” The Times notes potential issues around culture, ethics, health, and general unintended consequences stirring a nascent anti-lab-meat movement. Furthermore, the jury is still out on the environmental impacts, per this Vox report.

Sorry but that just sounds icky to me.

This story is just sick.

It seems that a GOP candidate when talking about rape said he would tell his daughter to ‘enjoy the ride’….

A Republican candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives who was campaigned against by his own daughters during 2020’s election season has made new remarks they’re also sure to dislike. The conversation on Sunday during a Facebook Live meeting of the Rescue Michigan Coalition, a group formed last year to “reclaim the lost liberties of the people of Michigan,” turned to election decertification, which is when Robert “RJ” Regan made a comment that drew immediate reaction from other guests on the show. “Having three daughters, I tell my daughters, ‘If rape is inevitable, you should just lie back and enjoy it,'” Regan said, drawing a shocked open-mouthed reaction from Amber Harris, a show attendee the Washington Post identifies as a Republican strategist.

Harris, who had to wait a few more minutes as Regan finished his comments, eventually got to weigh in on what he’d said. “Shameful,” she noted, adding that in terms of giving advice to his daughters along those lines, she’d say: “Don’t do that. Fight all the time.” Show host Adam de Angeli pointed out to attendees they were streaming live on YouTube, though “probably not for much longer after what Robert just said.” Both Dems and Republicans hit back immediately on the comment by Regan, who in the past has also called the pandemic “fake” and said that feminism is a “Jewish program to degrade and subjugate white men,” per the Post. “Offensive and disappointing,” Meshawn Maddock, the Michigan GOP co-chair, said. Carol Glanville, the Democrat who will face off against Regan in May after he earned the Republican nomination in an upset special-primary win last week, also weighed in.

“I am stunned that a person who wishes to hold public office would hold such beliefs,” she noted, per WXYZ. De Angeli was contacted by the outlet on Monday, and he said he believed Regan “misspoke” while trying to say that by not contesting the 2020 election, which Regan is an advocate for, it was akin to telling his daughters to sit back and enjoy being raped. “Maybe not the best analogy, but he was speaking extemporaneously,” de Angeli said. Regan himself spoke to Bridge Michigan after the controversial comment, insisting his remark meant only that “nothing is inevitable” and that he doesn’t use wording that’s as “smooth and polished” as other politicians. “I’m working on it,” he said. “The only reason the [politically] left trolls attack you is because they know you’re directly over the target, dropping direct hits on an issue.”

Just how sick is this SOB?

A short list of the stories you missed…..hope they were to your liking….

Be Well….Be Safe….

I Read, I Write, You Know

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5 thoughts on “Saturday’s News Dump

  1. I have never done any skiing or winter sports. Now I know why!
    The man who said that to his daughters should be disowned by them, and fired from his job by the voters.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Here in The United Churches of Murica, we have underage marriage (Look this up) and Nazis marching. This guy is just the product of a culture which allows that shit.

  2. I had to laugh not to vomit. I think that the Republican Program to call opponents of the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” groomers, needs to be rethought.

    But like this guy sounds not like a Sick Son of Bitch, but a total idiot, I wouldn’t be surprised if he thinks rape is just, “surprise sex” and that people are complaining about it too much.

    I think if I were the Republican Party, I would do some soul searching?

    1. The GOP has been going down this road since 1980…..all their idiot work has brought us to this spot in history. Be well chuq

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