Live And Die By A1c

I am one of those unfortunate ones that suffers from diabetes, a new thing for me only diagnosed just 3 years ago, so I am always looking for news, research and scientific explanations when possible and then I share with my readers that may be in the same boat as me.

A new blogging friend Vic is always posting on diabetic news……. I know this may be of interest to him as well.

We diabetic are always having the doctors give us our A1c which according to them should be below 7.0… I have found some news about that reading….

“He really tried hard to be at” an A1c below 7%, said Lucy Carlson. “That is what actually killed him.” If that doesn’t make sense to you, there’s a good chance you don’t have diabetes. Carlson’s husband Ron did—type 2, since 2001—and his wife said he fixated on getting his A1c score down. A1c is a measure of your average blood sugar level over a 3-month period, and as Robin Respaut, Chad Terhune, and Deborah Nelson write in a lengthy piece for Reuters, that under-7% target is one the drug industry has been promoting for two decades, leaving many people “chasing a treatment goal that could kill them.” The authors dig deep into the history of that push, which they say has been led by Aventis SA of France and adopted by rivals like Novo Nordisk A/S and Eli Lilly & Co.

The promotion of that target emerged “just as they were launching new formulations of insulin and other diabetes drugs” they painted as being able to get patients to that number, which they said would reduce the risk of long-term complications from the disease. They also funneled donations to the American Diabetes Association and other groups, getting them on board. But they weren’t as vocal about the risks of the drugs that can drive high blood glucose down, which “carry the risk of going too far, tipping a patient into hypoglycemic crisis.” It’s what happened to Ron Carlson: Plunging blood glucose had caused him to faint, crash a car, and be hospitalized. Then, in July 2019, it happened again, this time as he was parking his motorcycle. He ended up squeezing the throttle and careening nearly 100 feet into a parked car; he didn’t survive. (Read the full story for much more, including the take of a scientist involved in the original A1c research: “Marketing that everyone in the world needs to have an A1c less than 7% is crazy.”)

Read the full article…..

***Please….I am not a medical professional and do not offer this as medical advice…..please check with you health professional and anything pertaining to your treatment.***

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10 thoughts on “Live And Die By A1c

  1. Yeah.. I’ve been Type 2 since the early 2000’s. Usually the blood workups at the VA have me in the 7+ range.. sometimes to 8. Best I ever had, a couple years ago was 6.8 My daily glucose levels are generally in the 150 but I do spike as high as 250 once in a while… that’s not one bit due to any weakness “splurging” but more like a “ooops.. I at too much of that”. Never been over 300… at least in years.
    I’ve been thinking about getting one of those arm monitors, of course I’d need to get a smart phone to read the instant readout.
    It’s my high triglycerides I worry about.. cholesterol normal, go figger. I have little issue dropping dead when the time comes.. but it’s that fear of some paralyzing stroke where I can’t even load a pistol and do the deed my family would never do under those conditions.

    1. My last A1c was 6.2 and my blood averages about 100…..I want to talk with my doctor but I fear the drug industry has her over a barrel. Be well my friend chuq

      1. You are doing outstanding in controlling that. I don’t drink.. smoke.. never have. No recreational drugs. Yet you’d thank that doesn’t count because I enjoy eating what I enjoy erases all that. The fact I eat what I like is bad… yet I am nowhere near how I used to eat… and I never did eat large quantities, just “wrong”. Frustrating. When I see the diabetic diets I’d rather not eat at all. I’m sure there is a day of reckoning coming.

      2. I have changed my eating habits but not the food….I agree those “diabetic” foods taste like wallpaper paste. chuq

  2. My wife has Type2, but it seems we measure differently here. She has a 3-monthly test called an HBA1-C level here. Hers is currently around 60, though should ideally be 40-50. Her daily pin-prick test should be between a 5-10 reading, and hers is currently 7. There is no pressure here to keep it below any level, just regular tips and advice at the check ups. Of course, all Diabetes treatment here is free, including the drugs.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. We always had a range, even when I was using a colourmatching blood stick as an EMT. Below 5, take to hospital. Above 20, take to hospital. In between, make a judgement call.

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