Looking For A Third Party?

2022 and 2024 elections are getting closer by the day…..and so far I am unimpressed by the successes that the Dems have and the GOP is a laughable pack of slugs….what we need is a viable third party for those of us that are sick of the silliness our government has become.

Since I hold no particular love for either of our two major parties….I am in search for a good third party that will reflect my beliefs and principles….

Well there is a new party in the making….it is the brain child of Andrew Yang, a failed 2020 presidential candidate and failed mayoral candidate for NYC….

Former presidential and New York mayoral candidate Andrew Yang is set to launch a third party next month, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Yang is expected to start the party in conjunction with the Oct. 5 release of his new book, “Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy.”

It’s not clear what the name of Yang’s third party will be or how he plans to deploy it in 2022 or 2024. Yang and his team did not respond to requests for comment.

But the book’s publisher, Crown, did give some clues about the type of platform Yang may pursue. It writes that the book is an indictment of America’s “era of institutional failure” and will introduce “us to the various ‘priests of the decline’ of America, including politicians whose incentives have become divorced from the people they supposedly serve.”

The book is blurbed by businessperson Mark Cuban (“a vitally important book”) and The New York Times’ Kara Swisher (“Can there be another political party in the U.S.?…In Forward, Yang does not just give us a laundry list of intractable problems, but shows how we can find solutions if we think in new ways and summon the courage to do so.”).

A former businessperson, Yang surprised many in the political world with creative, outsider campaigns for both president and mayor. His presidential campaign outlasted and raised more money than those of much more seasoned politicians. But, ultimately, that did not translate to votes as he dropped out shortly after the New Hampshire primary and faded in the polls as the mayoral race came to a close.

He ran predominantly on the idea of a universal basic income, which would see the government give citizens a monthly $1,000 check. It was a quirky policy proposal that did not fit neatly into the ideological prism of either party and won Yang converts among many apolitical figures online and in the media — some of whom dubbed themselves the “Yang Gang.”


It is good to see someone trying to put a stop to the strangle-hold of the 2 parties of this country.

I have made my thoughts known during the 2020 presidential campaigns….

A President Yang?

Sorry but this guy is NOT the third party I am looking for…..Yang is too much a capitalist and is just looking for the spotlight….his policies are no better than those of the other two capitalist parties we have to deal with in our elections.

All I can do is move on and continue my search…..

While I was holding this draft waiting for the best time to posy….Yang made it official…..

Andrew Yang wants to overhaul politics, from the two-party system to political campaigns, as he writes in a new book out Tuesday. In the final chapter of Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy, the former Democratic presidential and New York City mayoral candidate reveals the name of a third party he’s founded, reports Business Insider. The Forward Party involves six key principles of “ranked-choice voting and open primaries”; “fact-based governance”; “human-centered capitalism”; “effective and modern-day government”; “universal basic income” and “grace and tolerance.” And “it’s inclusive,” Yang tells the New York Times.

Without it, “the dysfunction is going to kill us,” Yang writes in his book, per Insider. “The two sides will be trapped in a war that both sides win—they will still be hovering in one of the most affluent areas in the country trading power—but the people will lose.” In an excerpt shared by Politico, Yang dives into the problems of power, noting it makes people “more impulsive, more reckless and less able to see things from others’ points of view.” In presidential politics, “the job was simply the seeking of attention” and “the people around me treated me as either a celebrity or a product that hundreds of staffers were focused on selling,” he writes.

It’s no wonder that politicians grow “out of touch.” Now, they’re “being set up to attack each other and be at each other’s throats because that’s the way they’re going to raise more money, gain more stature and keep their own jobs,” Yang says in an NPR interview. He argues the closed party primary system forces politicians to cater “to the 20% most ideologically extreme voters in their party.” But “my mission is to change the process to open primaries and ranked choice voting so that every legislator has to try and appeal to a majority of us and not the folks on either extreme.”

I am still not impressed by Yang….moving on……

I Read, I Write, You Know

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2 thoughts on “Looking For A Third Party?

  1. It would be nice to see someone emerge from a blue-collar background with a groundswell of local support. Maybe even someone who had never been to college. But given the huge amounts of money involved in presidential campaigns in America that seems unlikely.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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