Imagine A Country Like This

This is an excellent look at the direct of this country through the pen of Paul Street……

Imagine a nation so reactionary and racist that “Black Lives Matter” is considered a “radical slogan” inside its borders.

Imagine a nation so racially unequal that the median household wealth of its Black households is equal to 7 cents on the dollar of its median white households.

Imagine a nation so sexist that its women make 82 cents for every dollar men make while 15% to 20% of its women have been raped and girls and women are regularly subjected to sexual harassment and domestic violence.

Imagine a nation so sexist that its women’s rights to control their own bodies and reproductive decisions are under constant patriarchal assault.

Imagine a nation so racist that its states pass laws suppressing the votes of non-whites and forbidding honest teaching about the country’s long and ongoing history of racial oppression, including two and a half centuries of Black slavery.

Imagine a nation so classist that it taxes its teachers, secretaries, and waitresses at a higher rate than it taxes its parasitic corporate and financial oligarchs.

Imagine a nation so classist and plutocratic that it lets a lethal pandemic produce an increase in its already obscene over-concentration of wealth while hundreds of thousands of its citizens die from the disease.

Imagine a “democracy” so classist and plutocratic that it can only and barely replace its fascist billionaire president with a conservative corporate toady who promised his wealthy backers in advance that “No one’s standard would change, nothing would fundamentally change” when he became chief executive.

Imagine a nation that claims to be the homeland and headquarters of democracy while its politics and government are structured to render majority public opinion irrelevant beneath the hidden rule of an underlying un-elected class dictatorship of capital.

There is more to think about….read on……

Imagine a Nation Like This

Any thoughts?

Closing with a classic John Lennon tune…..

Turn The Page!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


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