“Defund The Police”

Oh boy the GOP has a new slogan for the next election cycle….a slogan but NO policy to address the term…..or the problem (which is typical these days….lots of slogans and NO policies)

This is nothing new….as a matter of fact I have addressed the idea on several occasions……

(Why I bother to offer background info is beyond me)
The basic fact is that police reform is a moot point…..the police cannot be reformed….
Why would I make such a statement?

The American police have more funding than any military besides our own or China’s. This certainly makes any sort of revolution, no matter the strength of organizing, extremely difficult. Despite this mismatch, we see a weak spot: the police themselves.

It they can’t even handle criticism, they likely will continue to roll over when class contradictions heighten. The American Right, while horrifying in their institutional power, extremism, militancy and stupidity, are above all a small and cowardly lot. They are overrepresented in the courts, the cops and in political office.

But without a whole lot of dark money and big guns behind them, they fold, and fold quickly. In some ways it may be surprising that the largest chunk of police abolition has been by the police being so snowflake they can’t hang with massive peaceful protests. Yet this is a sign that this approach is working. Noam Chomsky has recalled the unprecedented nature of the global protests following George Floyd. These protests worked to defund the police, even when politicians predictably opted mostly for symbolism.

The Police Can’t Be Reformed

I offered up possible ways to reform the police….sadly none will ever happen…..I mean look at Biden…..https://lobotero.com/2021/04/14/biden-and-police-reform/

A good start….but where will it go in this spineless Congress?

I am sorry but I do not see any thing actually changing in the policing of our streets in my lifetime…..of course that is not that long because I am an old fart.

I wish someone somehow could formulate a plan that would put more equity on our streets….but sadly all this is just a fart in a hurricane….all this rhetoric signifies nothing.
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7 thoughts on ““Defund The Police”

  1. As well as some very dubious police officers, you have so many guns on the streets that it is always going to instigate a ‘shoot first’ policy from the majority of police officers. Perhaps gun ownership reform needs to be addressed first, then maybe the police would not be so trigger happy if they knew suspects were less likely to be armed. Just a thought.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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