The “Grand Old Party”

Before I bring you my post on the final day of CPAC….I would like to know what do people know about the GOP…..that is beyond the party of Lincoln and Trump….

You probably know that there are two major political parties….the Dems and the Repubs…..and right now there is a big debate going on within the GOP because of the influence of Trump.

But let us look at the history of the GOP.

What do you know about the party?

Most people know the Lincoln was the first GOP candidate and later president…..but there is so much more….

Trying times spawn new forces. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 divided the country at the 36° 30′ parallel between the pro-slavery, agrarian South and anti-slavery, industrial North, creating an uneasy peace which lasted for three decades. This peace was shattered in 1854 by the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Settlers would decide if their state would be free or slave. Northern leaders such as Horace Greeley, Salmon Chase and Charles Sumner could not sit back and watch the flood of pro-slavery settlers cross the parallel. A new party was needed.

Salmon Chase
Salmon Chase

Where was the party born? Following the publication of the “Appeal of Independent Democrats” in major newspapers, spontaneous demonstrations occurred. In early 1854, the first proto-Republican Party meeting took place in Ripon, Wisconsin. On July 6, 1854 on the outskirts of Jackson, Michigan upwards of 10,000 people turned out for a mass meeting “Under the Oaks.” This led to the first organizing convention in Pittsburgh on February 22, 1856.

The gavel fell to open the party’s first nominating convention, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on June 17, 1856, announcing the birth of the Republican Party as a unified political force.

Know the history of the party that you pretend to support…..

The GOP was a noble party that had a great run…..that is until about 1980 when it started weaponizing religion and hatred…..

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

6 thoughts on “The “Grand Old Party”

  1. Thanks for the background info and origin of the GOP.

    As Reagan was nominated as candidate for the precidency I was in my late twenties.

    Interested in history, always wanted to know the who, why, what, when.

    It was the first time that American politics interested me.

    It also frighten me because of the ideas, potential policies expressed. Even more the gaining influence of those so called very conservative christians.

    So called, then and now, they’ve been a mercyless, cruel, fanatic and self-rightiousness bunch.

    In name the US may be a democracy, or a Republican country. (been corrected multiple times on fora by Americans).
    Would you give me the correct terminology, please?

    The influence of religion, specific of those very concervative christians (no capital ‘c’
    for them) made the US a sort of theocracy in disguise.

    The motto of the Netherlands is:
    “Je maintendrai”
    In English: “I shall maintain”

    So shall you in your endeavour to inform, educate people, sometimes adding a pinch of humour to it!

    1. IT is best called a “representative republic”…..the GOP since 1980 has become a theocracy…I am glad that I could help her understand the silliness that is our political system. chuq

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