Closing Thought–18Feb21

Looks like Twitter is trying to head off any crackdown by the Biden admin by permanently shutting down some of the hate users….like Trump.

But they also have suspended the accounts of some of the Saudi dissidents….

Twitter has removed the blue verified badge from the accounts of several Saudi political prisoners, including two prominent clerics who were detained in a crackdown against reformists, activists and government critics. 

Among those whose verification label has been removed are Ali al-Omary and Awad al-Qarni, two senior religious figures who have been jailed since 2017. They were seized during a purge that followed Mohammed bin Salman‘s rise to the position of crown prince.

Similarly, the accounts of the Saudi philanthropist Khaled al-Mohawesh and journalist Khaled al-Alkami, also jailed in the 2017 purge, had their blue tick removed, according to the advocacy Twitter account Prisoners of Conscience. It added that the account of economist Essam el-Zamil, another political prisoner, has been suspended. He tweeted under the handle @Essamz.

Middle East Eye has contacted Twitter for comment but has not received a response by the time of publication.

I wonder how much that cost the Saudi royals?

And it makes me think of what is Twitter doing.

Seems the reforms in KSA does not mean the right to dissent…..

I Read, I Write, You Know

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3 thoughts on “Closing Thought–18Feb21

  1. I was talking about this today. They banned Trump, which is sort-of okay. But they allow Holocaust deniers a voice, on the grounds of ‘Free Speech’. Much the same deal with Zuckerberg and Facebook. They seem to pick and choose who and why they ban people, thereby making a mockery of their claims that the platforms are ‘closely monitored’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. They are afraid Biden admin will regulate them and so they try to look as if they are being responsible… is just trying to save their income nothing else. chuq

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