Damn I love history!

As I tried to take mind off the antics of a few Americans that have more belly fat than brains…I started thinking about the term “president-elect”….that time from the end of a presidential election the winner calls himself “president-elect”…..but where did the term come from and when did it become into common use?

In 1793, Washington wrote a letter concerning his upcoming second inauguration as president in which he referred to himself as “president-elect.”

Numerous letters by the Founding Fathers contain the term “president-elect” in connection with the 1796 presidential election.

Of particular note is a letter from James Madison to Thomas Jefferson, sent on Christmas Day 1796. Wrote Madison:

“Unless the Vermont election of which little has of late been said, should contain some fatal vice, in it, Mr. Adams may be considered as the President elect. Nothing can deprive him of it but a general run of the votes in Georgia, Tenissee & Kentucky in favor of Mr. Pinkney, which is altogether contrary to the best information.”


A great source for info on the history of our politics….

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