Is There a “Texit”?

Closing Thought–19Jan21

We have heard of Brexit where the UK will leave the European Union (EU)….and there has been rumblings of secession here in the US.

secession refers to a big break-up — a formal split, an official “Good-bye to you!” — among political entities.

Secession occurs when persons in a country or state declare their independence from the ruling government. When a dissatisfied group secedes, it creates its own form of government in place of the former ruling government. Secessions are serious maneuvers that lead to, or arise from, military conflict.

I have given my thoughts on the threat in previous posts….. Any background to this is within the post.

Now after the violence and destruction that occurred at the Capitol on 06 January the home of Ted Cruz, Texas is thumping its chest yet again….

On the second Saturday of every month, Karl Gleim marches at the Alamo battle site in San Antonio. He lays a ceremonial wreath to mark Texas’ fight for independence from Mexico in 1836 and the Texas secession effort he supports today.

“It’s not any particular president or political party or any particular person who’s either an idiot or not, as the case may be, whatever,” said Gleim, a retiree who started his monthly marches at the Alamo eight years ago.

“My opinion is, I’m tired of the BS and the stuff that’s been going on for so long and looking at the idiots we’ve been dealing with in Washington for so long,” he said. “Screw that. We can do better than that, locally.”

Texit, as it’s become known, is poised for a major boost this week with the expected introduction of a bill in the state legislature to put the question of secession to voters in a November 2021 ballot referendum.

I say let them go if that is the wishes of the people…..they will come back.


Do they truly want to lose the benefits that being part of the United States provides?


I put these people in the same idiotic category of the Ancient Aliens  nerds and Flat Earthers.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


7 thoughts on “Is There a “Texit”?

  1. I feel the same about the nationalists here in Wales, Scotland, and Cornwall. Give them independence. In fact, make them independent forcibly for that matter. Let’s see how they fund health care, unemployment benefit, and pay the taxes on imports and duty-qualifying goods. They will come back pleading to rejoin.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. If they leave:
    1. Removal of all US military bases
    2. Give federal retirees in Texas one year to leave the state or forfeit their retirement pay and benefit4
    3. Establish a 3-mile territorial limit in the Gulf of Mexico for Texas to include forfeiture of all energy and mineral rights
    4. Negotiated agreement for Texas to reimburse the US for costs incurred as a result of Texas decision to secede
    5. Agreement that the US has the right to enter Texas in pursuit of criminals or domestic terrorists who originate from, or seek refuge in, Texas
    6. Revocation of recognition for any license or certificate issued by Texas
    7. Expulsion of all texas universities and colleges from the NCAA
    8. Establish a hard border between the US and texas with proper documentation required to cross.
    9. Guaranteed expedition of criminals wanted in the US from texas
    10. Guarantee that if even a rock is thrown across the border from texas into the US that the US will rain down hot death on TEXASS until nothing grows there for generations

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