The Idiot Right Assigns Blame

I had written that I was waiting for the Lunatic Right to offer some condemnation of the morons that overran the Capitol in the protests in favor of Trump and his lies about the election.

I did not really think they would offer any condemnation….and that they would assign blame for the violence in the police line breach on 06 January……and now they are talking and they are blaming the usual suspects….

In the wake of Wednesday’s violence in Washington, a new narrative has emerged on the right about what happened. It boils down to this: Don’t blame us, blame the far-left activists of antifa. The accusation is that members of the latter group infiltrated pro-Trump protests and turned them violent. Coverage:

  • House floor: The allegation gained wide traction Wednesday night when GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz declared on the House floor, “Some of the people who breached the Capitol today were not Trump supporters. They were masquerading as Trump supporters, and in fact were members of the violent terrorist group antifa.” Vox notes that Gaetz’s assertion was met with audible boos in the chamber.
  • The source: Gaetz mentioned an article in the right-leaning Washington Timesthat quotes a retired military officer. The unnamed officer says facial-recognition software identified at least two of the protesters who entered the Senate as antifa members. Gaetz acknowledged he didn’t know if the report was true, but he found it “compelling.”
  • Others: “This has all the hallmarks of Antifa provocation,” tweeted GOP Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona. Republican colleague Mo Brooks seconded the claim while speaking to Lou Dobbs of Fox, per NBC News. There “could be any other number of groups, anarchists, or what have you, that could have taken advantage of this opportunity to … vandalize the United States Capitol,” he added. Sarah Palin also blamed “antifa folks.”
  • Networks: Newsmax and One America News Network picked up the theme in coverage of the violence, per Axios. Newsmax host Greg Kelly, for example, condemned the unrest, while adding, “These people don’t look like Trump supporters. Trump supporters don’t do these things,” per the Washington Post.
  • Fox hosts: “I’d like to know who the agitators were,” said Sean Hannity, per the Post. “Those who truly support President Trump … do not support those that commit acts of violence.” Fox’s Brian Kilmeade also expressed skepticism that Trump supporters were solely to blame. Laura Ingraham: “I have never seen Trump rally attendees wearing helmets, black helmets, brown helmets, black backpacks—the uniforms you saw in some of these crowd shots.” Tucker Carlson: “We may never know the truth here,” he said. “I keep seeing all kinds of accounts of who they were and what their motives might have been.”
  • On the other hand: The Postnotes that many Trump supporters openly boasted of breaching the Capitol, even livestreaming it. The take of Jerusalem Demsas of Vox: “(A)t present, there is no evidence that there are members of antifa who were a part of this crowd. However, there is ample evidence that prominent Trump supporters and members of QAnon were present during the illegal takeover of the building.”

First, Tucker Carlson is an rabid idiot.

Trump supporters do not do things like this?

Where has that fool been for 4 years?


Really….all those MAGA hats and Trump flags….kinda tells a different story.

Typical excuses for a Trump supporter……

And you really think this type of silliness will soon be over?


The crap has not really hit the fan yet….but fear not….IT WILL!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


15 thoughts on “The Idiot Right Assigns Blame

  1. Just a thought, but perhaps some republican senators who would like to run in 2024, may just jump ship and sign on to another impeachment which would prohibit Trump from ever running for elected office again, thusly removing him for any future presidential runs…devious phuckers.

  2. I almost choked on my coffee when I read the snippet of Hannity asking who the instigators were.
    Uh, look in the freaking mirror, moron! That’ll be one of ’em!

    I’m worn out trying to figure out how the brains or brain substitutes of these folks actually function in the real world. Maybe they don’t and this is the result. I just don’t know.

  3. Lmao. A bunch of 60 year old white men waving confederate flags. That’s Trump’s base. They are absolute idiots if they expect us to believe these white supremacists, who’ve largely been identified, are “antifa”. 😂

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