The Biden Right Wing Administration

Once again I would like to point out that I have stated and firmly believe that there is NOTHING progressive about the incoming Biden admin… fact I have shown that his picks will most likely be more right wing than anything….

Here are some of the possibilities for a Biden cabinet….the most positive thing I can say about these possible choices is they are Centrist……

His choices do not bid well for any sort of change from the previous years….

Lists of prospective cabinet nominations leaked to the media from Biden campaign sources are loaded with figures from the right wing of the Democratic Party or the national security establishment, such as Michele Flournoy for Secretary of Defense, Lael Brainard for Secretary of the Treasury, and Susan Rice or Chris Coons for Secretary of State. These lists generally include more Republicans than figures from the Sanders-Warren wing of the Democratic Party.

If anything, congressional Democrats have taken the lead in what amounts to a campaign to purge the left wing of the Democratic Party in a preemptive effort to appease the Republicans. Senator Joe Manchin, a notorious right winger in the Democratic caucus, blamed the poor performance of Democrats in races for Senate and House seats on “socialism,” which he claimed, without a shred of evidence, was the reason for most people in his state of West Virginia voting for the Republicans.

Progressives have called on Biden to look elsewhere for his cabinet members…no CEOs, nor lobbyists, etc……

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of Biden’s former presidential rivals, also weighed in on the issue on Monday, saying that a new White House that rejects corporate lobbyists is one way to right the wrongs of the current administration.

“Trump’s government—run by the corporate lobbyists, for the corporate lobbyists—has devastated programs and rules that help working people,” tweeted Warren. “Americans have made it clear: the last thing they want is for Washington to again hand over the keys to giant corporations and lobbyists.”

Rejecting such corporate influence, as Demand Progress pointed out Monday, would simply be in line with what most voters want:

I agree with this push…but I am a realist and know that the cabinet will be stocked with the donor class…..but that is not what many of us voted for….actually too many voted for anyone but Trump….and that is not a plan that will lead this country forward…..the status quo will remain.

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6 thoughts on “The Biden Right Wing Administration

  1. They will stay comfortably right of centre, hoping to attract some Republican votes next time around. Much like Tony Blair, when he won here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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