Lee’s Dark Side

These days of news reports about statues and persons of the American Civil War and the admiration that Donald the Orange shows them I thought that a post on Robert E. Lee would be an interesting post for my followers to read….for those that missed the original post……https://lobotero.com/2020/07/10/the-real-robert-e-lee/

After it was posted on Twitter I got a reply from a person that also writes a blog and they sent me a link so that I could read more on Lee’s dark side.

Warning – we do not use euphemism or Orwellian double speak.  
In this article — torture is torture.  It’s not “discipline.”
Buying kidnapped women is buying kidnapped women. Having your own soldiers shot during battle if they ran — is just that.  Look elsewhere for euphemism.  We won’t do it.

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10 thoughts on “Lee’s Dark Side

  1. Holy crap. I never understood the reverence for Lee other than his accomplishments on the battlefield and iron-clad view of states rights. Hell, I didn’t know anybody tried to revere him for anything else, really.

    But damn. My eyes need a shower after all that. And for the sake of a few folks at a historical society (descendants, especially, who should be made aware they were born over a century after the fact and that’s not their fault), the lie is perpetuated. I’d love to have some die-hard Stars and Bars flag waver who loves the confederacy to explain what was so great about the stuff exposed.

    But damn, if you don’t have the context, how can you understand? What’s found and how it is exposed is so troubling in the way it was done. Sure, some things came to the light of day, but there are so many subtleties it would go over a lot of people’s heads. I can’t believe that Freeman guy insisted he didn’t own slaves. Ridiculous all around.

    Beau of the fifth column says a lot that “we don’t teach american history, we teach american mythology.” Nowhere is that more true than the antebellum and civil war eras in the south. Yikes.

    1. Sorry–mouse slipped. Meant to say have that flag waver explain what was so great about their rebel commander and the cause he was fighting for. How do you justify what was in that post? Wish they had the comments section available, I’d love to tell the post’s author thanks.

      1. According to my family I am a distant cousin of Jefferson Davis and I think the man was amazing but wrong on so many levels. chuq

      2. have you read “The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government” yet? He must’ve had a lot of time on his hands to write or dictate that two-volume doorstop. I’m curious what he said in it, but I know it’s gonna be a chore. I already know I’ll have to take some deep breaths and breaks to get through it (hee hee). That’s why I’m aiming for reading it next year.

      3. Actually I have it but not read….he wrote that just before his death and he did have a lot of time since he was basically an outcast . chuq

      4. I think, like Hitler, it was largely written while in Jail. Dunno how much of it was him and some other author helping embellish it, but it’s about 1400 pages over two books all told. It’s gonna take a while to slog through, but I’ll give it a shot… eventually.

    2. I have seldom thought he was the genius that some claim….if we talk about military tactics and strategy I prefer Longstreet or Beauregard….

      Those types have nothing but “heritage” I know I live in a region that is ate up with false bravado….chuq

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