Remember The Days?

Do you remember the start of this pandemic when we all ran out a sucked up all the hand sanitizer, bleach and toilet paper?

That made me think why did we do that….but in case you missed my post on the TP thing……

I knew that the shrinks in this world would jump on that because the virus did not do much to effect your regularity……and viola! There is a study……

A recent study published in PLOS One examined toilet paper consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic across 22 countries. The findings revealed that the personality traits of Emotionality and Conscientiousness, as well as perceived threat about COVID-19, were related to an increased likelihood of stockpiling toilet paper during the pandemic.

While the coronavirus spread around the globe, disrupting health care systems and causing widespread alarm, an interesting human behavior emerged that caught the attention of media. Around the world, people were reportedly hoarding toilet paper, seemingly prompted by fears that the pandemic would lead to a scarcity of resources. This stockpiling of toilet paper had adverse consequences, ironically leading to toilet paper shortages and causing people to clog their household pipes with material other than toilet paper.

Panic makes us humans do some really weird things…..what is it that makes us overreact?


Be well…..Be Safe…..

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

2 thoughts on “Remember The Days?

  1. There are other very good reasons why most people need more toilet paper during a pandemic/lockdown.
    1) They are not using the toilets at their place of work.
    2) Younger people are not using the toilets at school or college.
    3) Nobody is using public toilets in stations, restaurants, bars, or other buldings.
    When I retired here in 2012, I soon realised I had to buy more toilet paper. Home was the only place I ever used a toilet! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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