Weekend Bitchings

It is the weekend and it is a Saturday….what better time to get a few things off my mind?

I know I rant all the time…but usually it is something to do with politics or international situations……but these bitches are of a personal nature and usually about when I am walking my friend MoMo….

First…we walk at 5am it is usually dark….we do this to avoid people and other dogs…MoMo does on tolerate fools lightly…plus in the South it is usually cooler in the early hours…..

Sidewalks are for public use (and yes we have sidewalks in the South) and yet too many self-absorbed dickheads think they are their for their use only.

They use the sidewalks to pile trash on so they do not have to use their yards for the refuge…and then there are those idiots that buys 6 cars and has to park them on the sidewalk to keep them out of the street or they park them all in their driveways so that it is a trip hazard from their goddamn silly boat hooks.

There should be some sort of fine for impeding the public use of a public convenience…..(and do not get me started on those damn runners that think the street is their track)…

Next also involves my walks with MoMo…..let me apologize to any cat lovers that come here…this is not meant to be anti-cat in any way….

If I am out walking with MoMo she must be on a leash if she is outside her own property and yet while we walk there are no less than 4 cats running wild and keeps my friend pre-occupied and not focusing on the reasons we are out and about….

She is a hound bred to hunt and she does just that when she gets on the scent of her furry adversaries….she forgoes anything else but those scents….and then they dash out of the shadows and she goes batcrap crazy…..there should be some way to keep their pets on leashes as I must do mine.

Whew!  I feel better!

Thanx for letting me vent.

On a happier note….since the “lockdown” there have been NO religious types trying to drum up membership and aggravate my MoMo…..not bitching just thinking out loud at the good fortune something has come out of the virus.

Be Well…..Be Safe…..

“lego ergo scribo”

5 thoughts on “Weekend Bitchings

  1. Your MoMo sounds like my best friend…he’s not a dog but I still have to listen to his bitching. We walk early too…probably because we are both old and trying to avoid people.

  2. don’t worry, they’ll never know, just as long as i never know. “Bitching”, huh? Shirley you jest. You aven’t a clue.

  3. Good to get all that off your chest.. Luckily, piling of trash is forbidden here in Beetley, and we have wheelie bins that only get left out once a week for emptying. Some cars are parked with two wheels on the kerb, but very few, as most houses have short driveways or garages.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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