Covid-19 And Unemployment

We all know that this country is in the grips of a devastating disease and it is causing all sorts of problems…..but the biggest is that people are losing their jobs and having to try for that embarrassing unemployment check.

So far about 30 million Americans are out of work and that does not include those that gave up looking for work…..30 million looking for that weekly check to help them try and make ends meet…..and yet it is not easy to get the help one needs….

Appears that the elected officials are making life miserable for the very people that put them in office… this how it is suppose to work?

26 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits as of April 23 as a result of the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. And many of them are discovering what plenty of people already knew: our system is dysfunctional.

Although unemployment programs are run by the states, which means the quality varies from place to place, across the country, the broader social welfare system in this country is generally hard to access: riddled with red tape, and plagued by pointless burdens.

In Florida, for example, the previous Republican governor, Rick Scott, created a congested unemployment system that was nearly impossible to use so that the unemployment numbers would remain artificially low. Other states try to run an efficient system but simply lack the capacity to do so.

It just does not need to be this difficult…..maybe now the voters will start to pay attention to the spineless fools they elect to represent them…..I did say “maybe”……

The post pandemic economy will look different than it did…..

We have a lot of economist type people telling us how awful the economy will be once we get through our near-term shutdown period. At the risk of being accused of unwarranted optimism, I am not sure I buy the pessimists’ story.

Before saying anything about the economy, we have to outline where we think our containment efforts are headed. I will throw out my story, which people here who know what they are talking about can correct.

Let’s assume that after two months we have the coronavirus reasonably well-contained. People are still getting sick, but the numbers are much more manageable so that our hospitals are no longer overflowing and health care personal are no longer being worked to exhaustion and beyond.

The Post-Pandemic Economy

The indicators are there…..the change that so many have been looking for for so long is within grasp….all we Americans need to do is reach out and embrace the change that is needed…..not some spineless reform but actual change.

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28 thoughts on “Covid-19 And Unemployment

  1. Delaying benefits to keep unemployment numbers low is a game played here too. Also with no-hours contracts without any formal offer of employment. They are still marked as ’employed’. I wonder why they bother, as everyone knows they are lying.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. We’ve had reports here that as some restaurants and businesses are getting to K.K. to open, when the owner calls his previous workers, they refuse to go to work because they’re making more money on unemployment!

      1. There are lower wages for restaurant/bar workers because they receive tips that only 10% need be reported for taxes.

      2. Sure, we had a recession, a major gas shortage and a depression, I went thru a divorce, my house burned down and moved – things were dreamy!

      3. No crap has been pulled….you made an observation without knowing the person….what gives me the right to write is I bled for this country twice…..there is my credentials. chuq

      4. I read your blog – if that isn’t the insight into your character – I don’t know what is.

      5. If you truly read then you should understand why I write what I do…..I can criticize without hate….chuq

      6. I try to give them when I find them… much as I dislike Trump I have agreed with him on several occasions…..I use the American Conservative often and I am by NO means a conservative….I think I do better than some…..chuq

      7. I have worked in the past with low income people and not one of them was the lazy POS that others say they are… upsets me when people make those announcements chuq

      8. Oh sorry…..all the accusations about them being lazy and looking for a free ride…..most are poor and with no jobs it is hard to make a living…..chuq

      9. People of all different incomes have been put out of work with this pandemic, but it’s better than being dead. We’ll bounce back.

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