Biden And Health–Part 2

This virus has illustrated just how desperately this country needs to reform its health care systems…..with the unemployment rising the lack of adequate health care will rise as well.

2020 we have the presumptive Dem candidate in Joe Biden and I have written about his plans and how I cannot support any of them……if you need a refresher…..

Now that the Covid-19 has hung around and made personal appearances of the candidate has fallen….he, Biden, has a new health plan……he wants lower the age for Medicare to 60…..this will do little to help people fight off the consequences of the pandemic……

“These policies are what I would expect from Republicans. This is not a ‘big overture’ by any stretch of the imagination.”

Progressives on Thursday were quick to call foul after it was reported that Joe Biden, now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, put forth a pair of policy proposals—one lowering the Medicare age to 60 and the other a student debt relief program—purportedly designed to win over supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders who instead saw the plans as woefully insufficient.

“We have to do more to ease the economic burden on working people,” Biden said in a tweet announcing the plan. “So today, I’m adopting two new policies to help deliver relief.”

Biden will do little if elected…he will allow the insurance industry and Big Pharma run the show with our health care….keep in mind he was part of the administration that allowed the drug prices to skyrocket and he was silent then and we are to believe he had an epiphany and saw the error of his ways…..I ain’t buying.

I shall continue to point out the policies that Biden has embraced in the past and how it tallies with the promises made for 2020.

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