Monetizing Citizens In America

Some food for thought… yourself a favor and read the re-blog….chuq


Ed Westen has asked me to pass this on to all my American friends. (And to your friends and families too) It is not politically partisan, so no matter if you are Republican, Democrat, or any other political affiliation. Even if you are not interested in politics, it is still relevant to the American economy, perhaps now more than ever, given the current pandemic, and the financial crisis forecast to follow any recovery.

If you agree with what he says, and I feel sure you will, please use the letter template (in bold type) and send it to those officials mentioned in his text.

Since the relief package Congress passed before they recessed provided payments of $1200/citizen (with some upper-income limits) Congress seems to have wandered into the philosophical area of responsibility for its citizens. Unfortunately, the money in the coronavirus relief package will come from the Treasury which means…

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