Closing Thought–07Apr20

In these days of yore and a rampaging virus the election of 2020 has little interest anymore….not to the media….not to the people and not to most bloggers.

But it should be for we are talking about the future of this country….step up and pay attention!

Looks like Biden will be the presumptive Dem nominee that will meet Donald the Orange in November…….if true then how are the two doing in a head to head match up?

With his approval rating at a high point, President Trump is now running nearly even with Vice President Joe Biden among voters in a new poll. As the pandemic has worsened, the president has erased most of last month’s 7-point gap between the two, the Washington Post reports. Biden’s lead among registered voters is 49% to 47%, which is within the margin of error. Among adults overall, 50% back Biden and 44% support Trump. Biden’s only rival left for the Democratic nomination appears to be out of the picture. The big lead that Sen. Bernie Sanders had in February has nearly flipped, and Biden leads him 55% to 39% among Democrats and independents who lean that way. The Post-ABC News poll, taken last week, reports a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Other polls in the past week also show Trump’s support for the November election running lower than his 48% approval rating, Politico points out. A Monmouth University poll has Biden at 48% and Trump at 45%. Fox News found a bigger lead for Biden, 49% to 40%. All three polls show support for Trump’s handling of the pandemic to be higher than his overall approval rating; the Post-ABC poll found voters split about evenly between when asked whether they trust Trump or Biden more to deal with outbreak. Still, the polls indicate less support for a second term. The biggest difference was in their supporters’ fervor. The Post-ABC poll found 55% of the registered voters backing Trump were very enthusiastic about it, while 32% were less so. Just 28% backing Biden expressed very enthusiastic support, with 45% saying they were somewhat less enthusiastic

Let’s say Biden beats Trump….how will that play in the “war” against a raging virus?  I mean the damage would have already been done… will he, Biden, cope with the aftermath of the devastation?

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9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–07Apr20

  1. Given the age of the leading candidates, I am really surprised that none of them have so far succumbed to the virus.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I will be voting for Biden in November. I know how serious this is. I know we have to get Trump out of office. Besides surviving this pandemic, my main concern is getting Trump out of office. It has been since election night 2016. Sorry for reminding you of that.

  3. I fear that we will be stuck with the same failed administration for another 4 years and there isn’t a thing that can be done to prevent it.

  4. I notice they did not report on a head-to-head matchup poll between Sanders and Trump. I wonder what the results of that were. It’s incredible how Democrats seem to steal victory from the jaws of defeat like every time with.

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