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The buzz after New Hampshire is the rising stars of Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar…..and things need to be said about them both……plus another debate is just days away….

I will start with Mayor Pete……

I am a foreign policy wonk and want my candidate to answer some hard policy questions and so far Pete has ducked all of them to the point of looking like he is running scared…..why is that?

Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is emerging as a Democratic frontrunner, which naturally will increase scrutiny on his domestic and foreign policy positions. But he’s creating a problem for himself on the latter: His campaign is no longer providing fresh answers to foreign policy questions from interested parties like the media.

A fixture of the presidential campaign cycle is that organizations — from interest groups to think tanks to news outlets — ask candidates questions, often via surveys, to better grasp where the candidates stand on key issues. This is particularly true on foreign policy, since a president has almost unilateral authority to run global affairs, and it’s good for voters to know how a candidate would wield such power.

But the Buttigieg campaign has a new stance: If it’s a question the candidate has answered before, anywhere, he’s not going to give a fresh response on a questionnaire. Instead, he’ll merely point back to a previous statement he’s made on the issue

After the first two votes Pete is doing well….some call it winning but can he he keep it up?

The weight of his presidential campaign hung on one week in February. He needed to win in Iowa — the kind of stunning, historic victory that would validate his name across the country. Then he needed to go to New Hampshire and prove himself there, too.

Pete Buttigieg did both of those things. But an extraordinary two weeks have left the 38-year-old former mayor without a clear path to the presidency.

After raising tens of millions of dollars last year, his campaign is facing unusual financial pressures having spent much of that money in and on Iowa, leaving some of his organizing staff uncertain if they still have jobs. And in the contests ahead, he will compete against two well-funded opponents, a steady Bernie Sanders and a strengthening Michael Bloomberg, as he faces an imminent test of his greatest vulnerability: support from voters of color.

It takes lots of cash….so far many donors are holding their funds to see where the Dem wind blows….will it be to Pete or maybe to Amy……

Many have said the “Klobmentum”….the “Big Mo” in Amy-land.

Is she for real or just another flash of popularity that soon disappears when the media chooses elsewhere to focus?

The Klobmentum is real.

At least, that’s one narrative coming out of the New Hampshire primary, where the senator made an impressive showing, coming in third behind Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg — and beating onetime frontrunners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

The result capped a week of good news for the Minnesota senator, including a post-debate fundraising haul of $2.5 million in just two days. Klobuchar’s path to the nomination is still uncertain, and her dismal support among black voters is likely to hurt her in other early primary states, like South Carolina. But her rise — and the ways she’s been able to point out gender bias without triggering backlash — may say something about what it takes to win favor as a woman running for president in America today.

According to the MSM Amy is the best choice for those “moderates” (those Dems that want the status quo to remain entrenched)……but is she?

“Hello, America. I’m Amy Klobuchar and I will beat Donald Trump.”

With those words, the newly surging contender for the Democratic presidential nomination greeted supporters in New Hampshire after a surprise third place finish. The senator from Minnesota not only managed to beat heir presumptive Joe Biden in the Granite State, Klobuchar more than doubled his vote count — and did the same to Elizabeth Warren, who needed to show she could compete in her home region. Thanks to a strong debate performance last week — and despite a fifth-place finish in Iowa, a state in her own home region — Klobuchar’s fortunes are on the rise as a potential new option in the moderate lane of the Democratic primaries.

Right now these two Dem candidates are the talk of the town….and that shall continue until the media does not want it so.

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