2020 Dem–Another One Bites The Dust–#16

Yet another Dem candidate has decided to end his bid and return to making cash……this time it is Deval Patrick…..he quit about as soon as he entered…..that leaves 8 candidates left in the field….

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, the last remaining black candidate in a Democratic presidential field once defined by its diversity, ended his 2020 campaign Wednesday after his late bid failed to catch fire, the AP reports. Patrick focused his campaign entirely on the New Hampshire primary, hoping the familiarity of a neighboring state would help boost his chances in the race—but he ended up lagging near the bottom of the Democratic field. Patrick offered what aides felt was a unique message in a field that ultimately boiled down largely to career politicians with little executive or private sector experience: that he had the track record as governor and through years of business experience to deliver on Democratic priorities like fighting climate change and reforming health care.

Patrick launched his bid for president in mid-November but failed to register in polling and fundraising and never made it onto a presidential debate stage. Patrick raised just $2.2 million in the final six weeks of last year, and while a super PAC created to support his bid committed nearly that much to advertising in the early primary states last month, Patrick still barely registered in New Hampshire. It’s a disappointing finish for someone who, in part because of his rhetorical skills, has long drawn comparisons to former President Obama. The two men are personally close and Patrick counts some of Obama’s aides and donors as part of his own inner circle. Patrick’s exit leaves just one other candidate of color in the Democratic race, which now numbers eight candidates: Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Samoan American.

He will not be missed by too many…..my choice is still hanging in there plugging away for donors and votes…..Tulsi.

Let me show Patrick the exit door to the political stage with the tune of Queen…..

8 candidates left and the race for the nomination has just begun….

Pick a candidate and….VOTE!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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