Harlot! Tart! Ho! Floozy!

Closing Thought–11Feb20

For many years the sex workers have been looked down upon and and have had to “work” in the shadows and faced legal actions when encountering the police.

All that bad mojo is not as bad as it once was…..

For the first time ever, a majority of American voters somewhat or strongly support decriminalizing sex work, according to new polling results published Thursday as part of a broader report from 28 human rights and public health groups.

The poll from Decriminalizing Survival: Policy Platform and Polling on the Decriminalization of Sex Work (pdf) shows that 52% of voters across all age groups, locations, and political party affiliations support decriminalization. The greatest amount of support is from voters aged 18–44; the support level declines with each older group.

support for decriminalization


A personal thought…..they should decriminalize and tax those participating…..I do not care how someone makes their cash as long as they pay their taxes…..


I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

6 thoughts on “Harlot! Tart! Ho! Floozy!

  1. They already legally obligated to pay taxes in the money they make. All earned money is taxable, not just money legally earned. Many criminals do report their income and pay taxes.

      1. The criminal division of the IRS tracks money spent by suspects, and can get convictions based on money shown to have been spent without explanation of the source. Not sure I agree that that is constitutional by that is what they do. They call it lifestyle investigation.

  2. If it was no longer an offence, it might get the women off the streets, save police time and money, and reduce the impact of organised crime on prostitution.
    It’s not guaranteed, but has to be worth a try.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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