Professor’s Classroom

This one I need help with…..when I posted it in 2007 I had my notes well those have gone… I will be open for you to help the old professor out…..thanx….chuq

In Saner Thought

Since it is Labor Day and hopefully everyone will make a burnt offering of scorched flesh to the God of BBQ, I will make this a short and simple question. Hopefully all will enjoy.

Who was the American film idol that was an avid supporter of Stalin and left the US just ahead of subpoenas, to never return?

EASY? Good luck and have a good Labor Day. Peace–Out!

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9 thoughts on “Professor’s Classroom

  1. I immediately thought of Paul Robeson, but he returned to the US, and died there.
    So I am guessing you mean Dean Reed, who settled in East Berlin, where he died under ‘mysterious circumstances’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. OG I was thinking of Paul Robeson…..Chaplain was a good answer….thanx for playing along…I was I could get more people interested in history…you and Pete make my day…..chuq

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