Closing Thought–05Dec19

We hear daily by Trump sycophants…my bad….supporters tell the country and the world that the Dems have nothing on their minds but the impeachment of this president… my opinion he needs to go for he thinks he is above the law and that flies into the face of everything this country stands for…..

According to the GOP the Dems have done nothing this session but demand and frame the president …..well if that is true…..then you are listening to bullshit.

There’s a pervasive sense of legislative paralysis gripping Capitol Hill. And it’s been there long before the impeachment inquiry began.

For months, President Donald Trump has fired off tweet missives accusing House Democrats of “getting nothing done in Congress,” and being consumed with impeachment.

Trump may want to look to the Republican-controlled Senate instead. Democrats in the House have been passing bills at a rapid clip; as of November 15, the House has passed nearly 400 bills, not including resolutions. But the House Democratic Policy and Communications Committee estimates 80 percent of those bill have hit a snag in the Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is prioritizing confirming judges over passing bills.

Congress has passed just 70 bills into law this year. Granted, it still has one more year in its term, but the number pales in comparison to recent past sessions of Congress, which typically see 300-500 bills passed in two years (and that is even a diminished number from the 700-800 bills passed in the 1970s and 1980s).

Apparently we do NOT pay these elected officials to do the hard work of government but rather we pay them to suck up to a dictator and pervert the process of justice.

Again not my idea of a proper government that was suppose to be all about “by the people, for the people”……we have become a cancerous society that needs to make its mind…do we let lawless assholes run the country or do we take back the government that belongs to us…not Citibank or Putin or anyone else.

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51 thoughts on “Closing Thought–05Dec19

  1. McConnell tweets at least twice a day about the Dems being too obsessed with impeachment to do any legislative work. Oh really? The House has sent a few hundred bills to the Senate that McConnell will not present to the floor of the Senate for consideration. Who’s at fault for the lack of bills voted into law?

      1. They are drifting farther to the left each day — same as the Republicans are drifting further to the right each day. Everybody knows it.

      2. There is NOTHING Left about the major candidates….they all want the system to work and that makes them capitalists not socialists…..but people that know the difference will understand……chuq

      3. Capitalists with big socialist plans for the country. (Provided the socialist plans will make them richer )… the same way that billionaires are made in Russia.

      4. There is such a thing as Economic Dialectics and there is such a thing as Capitalist-Based Socialism —at least in theory.

      5. It is called Democratic Socialism…..and it is a cop out…..the big corporations still own everything….that is not socialism……chuq

      6. I am beginning to think that whatever defines different political viewpoints is fashioned by the various perspectives of the participants.

      7. I would like for you to use some of your academic credentials and write a blog article about how to discover the truth when fake news presents itself. This is a very difficult thing for me.

      8. Might be a good read to get chuq’s perspective on that. I did a three parter post on using critical thinking skills to find your own comfort level in filtering media fake news, about a year back. Would be good for a re-fresher viewpoint.

      9. Well, thanks for the initiative, John… but that goes way back to early 2017. I do intend to re-do the series soon for my “new” image and the adding of podcasts again. My update of the series will be to cool down any anti-Trump references and focus more on substance to the issue at hand.. trying to filter the media. You might wanna hang tight and wait for the revision.

      10. i looked it up on your search feature and have bookmarked it for later reading. I have also added you to my blogroll.

      11. Actually I have two blog rolls but I intend to consolidate them when I get the time. Yours comes up as red in color at the bottom of my blog.

      12. everybody who pays attention, who has any kind of experience with the consequences of their vote and who has enough knowledge to locate the toilet paper hanger in their bathroom.

  2. Here’s a thought for you …. I believe that even if the president is totally exonerated, I believe if he ultimately fails to be impeached during this go-round, the super-enraged, super-obsessed democrats will continue to look for things they think will allow them to impeach him … and there is no legal limit to the number of times they can try their impeachment thing …I believe that if President Trump is elected for a second term, the dems will continue to try to impeach him for that 4 years as well …I do not believe there is an end to their mad obsessions.

    1. He will be impeached in the House and will be acquitted in the Senate…..a replay of the Clinton years…nothing new in politics…..pathetic. chuq

      1. But if he is acquitted that does not mean the end of the impeachment fiasco. They will keep on and on and on and even if he is elected for a second term, they will keep on and on and on because …. they are obsessed.

      2. I don’t remember what they did with clinton and I don’t know what the old saying is.

      3. Democrats will never abandon their impeachment ideas — they will both whine and continue to try to impeach … what I am afraid of is that the Republicans will learn a lesson here and use impeachment as their go-to way of getting rid of presidents they don’t like either.

      4. There is no legal limit to the number of times they can try their impeachment nonsense and the law of double jeopardy does not apply to the presidency. They are so maddened, they will never cease.

  3. The Democrats don’t have to look for things to impeach Trump when he breaks laws right in the open and talks about it. For example, the matter of asking foreign countries for help finding dirt on his political opposition. What about that tweet during the hearing that the ambassador, giving testimony at the same time, found chilling?

  4. Reporting now, chuq… Pensacola NAS shooter is a Saudi military person over here for training. Makes me ask.., when are Saudis going to stop killing Americans?

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