What Is Patriotism?

This is one of those nagging questions that needs a answer…

In this nation of tribes within tribes….the term patriot and patriotism have fallen into some sort of funk….once again I try to help my readers look into this phenom…I have my definition….but is it the best one….or is there any other definition that fits the term more properly.

I have asked this question many times for it is a political tool and can be used as an insult to opponents…..I have asked and I have written many times trying to get to the root of the answer to “what is patriotism”?

A few of the more recent writings……




I still do not have a sufficient answer to the question.  I have my feelings on the term but what about others…do they feel the same as I?  It is a term that is batted around too easily to the point of becoming political slogan instead of a way of life.

Those lingering questions…….

What is patriotism?

Is it an ideology?

Is it love of country?

Is it a religion?

Is it values?

What makes it patriotism?

Answer me that.

What makes one a patriot?

Patriotism is not love of country, if by “country” you mean scenery—amber waves of grain, purple mountain majesty, and the like. Almost every country has pretty collections of rocks, water, and stuff that people grow and eat. If that’s what patriotism is all about, then Americans have precious little for which we can claim any special or unique love. And surely, patriotism cannot mean giving one’s life for a river or a mountain range.

Patriotism is not blind trust in anything our leaders tell us or do. That just replaces some lofty concepts with mindless goose-stepping.


Is there one overriding characteristic that will define patriotism?

I have questions with few answers.

Anyone that thinks they have the answers then please jump in and enlighten me and my readers.

If there are NO common definitions of patriotism then how can we have a united nation with freedom and justice for ALL?

Just a thought.

Any thoughts you would like to pass on?

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

“Lego ergo Scribo”

15 thoughts on “What Is Patriotism?

  1. Samuel Johnson said something interesting on the subject.
    “In 1774, he printed The Patriot, a critique of what he viewed as false patriotism. On the evening of 7 April 1775, he made the famous statement, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. It is okay…I was just wondering if I had missed something….I do not know why you have a problem sometimes….chuq

  2. Perhaps it an allegiance to the Constitution and the flag which are symbols of the loftiest ideals to which we ascribe. Flaws remain but avenues are provided for our refinement. We are at great heights per human rights but at the same time already, and not yet there.

    1. Tribalism and the hatred of the “other guy” will always prevent progress….plus most people have NO idea what is contained in the document…..only parts that they like….chuq

  3. Ohmygawd.. you had to even ask that! Don’t you know patriotism is all about the Second Amendment and being able to stroke your gun??

    Funny you should mention this.. I have a post coming.. the three words that have been diluted in their meanings… patriotism is one of them.

  4. My thoughts:

    A nation is a group of people with a common bond.

    A patriot is someone feels he belongs and is a part of that group and will be loyal to it and protect it.

    Go Bulldog nation. (One trivial example)

    The US. is a country composed of a number of nations bound by a legal framework based on a written constitution.

    When someone asks me my ethnic group I say American. I could say Southerner, Georgian, or Appalachian. Ninety per cent of my ancestors left England over three hundred years ago Nothing English about my much anymore.

    And I am a Georgia Tech fan, not a part of Bulldog nation.

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