Closing Thought–16Sep19

When I was in the military (1967-1971) the best food was at Navy installations in second place was the Air Force….but that was the days when we had cooks not culinary specialists.

The US military is hell bent on the appearance of their members. Are they buff? Are they overweight? Are they in good shape?

So which service branch is the most obese?

The US Navy takes the prize.

Sailors need remedial physical training.

That could be one just one of many conclusions drawn by a recent Department of Defense study that found the Navy earned the dubious honor of surpassing all other branches in its rate of obese personnel.

The overall rate of fat service members is also up from recent years, with the percentage of personnel weighing in at obese standards climbing to over 17 percent, according to a Health of the DoD Force study.

That number spiked to over a quarter of service members over the age of 35.

For the Navy, the overall number of obese personnel was a shocking 22 percent. The other branches reported the following frequency of obesity:

  • Air Force: 18 percent
  • Army: 17 percent
  • Marine Corps: 8.3 percent

I guess the food is still pretty damn good, huh?


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11 thoughts on “Closing Thought–16Sep19

  1. A typical watch schedule is 6 hours on, 6 off. Between times you do PMS, hygiene, and sleep. Almost no one exercises. Do that for ten years or more and you’re going to get fat.

  2. When I was a soldier in the 70s, the food varied greatly. In basic training, it was excellent. During MOS training, it was marginal at best. On station, it was hit and miss. K rations were okay, but the C rations were awful. I spent most of my time at Fort Gordon, Georgia where I met many sailors, marines, and even air force and coast guard service members. The marines were hard to get along with. Here’s a joke from that time:

    A marine walks into a bathroom where a soldier is standing at the urinal.

    The marine uses the urinal beside him.

    The soldier finishes, zips up his pants, and heads for the door.

    Marine: “Hey, soldier! In the Marine Corps, we were taught to wash our hands after using the bathroom!”

    Soldier: “Hey, marine!” In the Army, we were taught not to pee on our hands!”

    1. Hahaha……I remember basic training food….at breakfast they would ask how you wanted your eggs….after a pause they would say on the tray or on the floor. chuq

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